The B-BLT Pizza – The Summer of Pizza

SummerofPizzaWell, I guess it was bound to happen.  After 2 pretty good returns on the pizzas, I had my first setback in the Summer of Pizza.  In retrospect I don’t really think that it was totally my fault (of course it wasn’t right?) but it still resulted in a really small pizza. So here’s what happened…to save time (as a parent of twins saving time on meals is a MUST) I used premade dough from the grocery store and I’ve started halving the dough to make the crust better and thinner.  I put the unused portion in the freezer and I think that ended up taking some of the moisture out of the dough and also messed with the yeast, all of which meant that the crust ended up about half the size that I wanted it to be and was too thin as well.

So while it wasn’t a total disaster, it still could have been better.  But I digress.  The pizza of choice was a B-BLT, which is a Blue Cheese – Bacon Lettuce Tomato pizza.  Premade tomato base with zliced cherry tomatoes, basil, garlic, olive oil, and balsamic vinegar goes on top of a flavored olive oil on the crust and then the precooked and crumbled bacon and blue cheese goes on top to melt in.  Finally it all gets topped with grilled heart of romaine lettuce and there you have a B-BLT pizza.

The pizza itself, aside form the jacked up crust, was pretty good but I think since it was so small and I had a ton of extra toppings, it ended up being a little too much and the blue cheese was a little overwhelming.  It’s one I’d like to try again at some point but for now the summer of pizza rolls on.

Photo May 31, 7 48 38 PM


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