Drunken Shrimp Pizza – The Summer of Pizza

SummerofPizzaThe second round of the Summer of Pizza definitely saw some branching out in terms of toppings and flavor and honestly showed why this experiment is so interesting as I don’t think I’d ever try shrimp on a pizza if not for this idea.

Drunken Shrimp Pizza consists of shrimp that have been marinated in vodka, hot sauce, olive oil, and garlic and then grilled and added to a pizza of cheese, sauce, kalamta olives, and lemon zest, then topped with salt & pepper.  It was a good pizza, but as my Wonderful Wife pointed out, cheese and seafood can be a little tricky sometimes. I think that I was expecting a little more kick from the shrimp thanks to the marinade but they ended up being pretty mild.  It was still pretty good though.

The crust though, was amazing.  I used about half as much dough this time and completely nailed my cooking times based on my experience last week and the crust was just the right crispyness and thickness and it turned out great.  So I’m pretty sure I’ve got that part down now and can be confident the base for the rest of the Summer of Pizza.

Drunken Shrimp Pizza


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