The Summer of Pizza

It started innocently enough.  I saw a recipe for a good pizza on twitter and decided to go for it.  When all was said and done the pizza was good, the kitchen was blazing hot, and my Wonderful Wife and I had decided that I need to continue to make homemade pizzas, but maybe make them on the grill instead.  Good call.

Less than a week later she came home with the Pizza on the Grill cookbook and I started drooling…I mean flipping through it.  I love cooking on the grill and use it most nights in the summer so why not expand my repertoire to include pizza?  The instructions seemed simple enough and after buying a pizza peel to use, it was time to make the maiden voyage.

I went with a traditional recipe pizza for the first one, just sauce, mozzarella cheese, tomatoes, and basil.  It was good, to be sure, but there was also room for improvement.  My crust was a little thick and a little burnt, but that didn’t prevent us from deciding that this would be the #SummerOfPizza.

So keep an eye out both here and on twitter and we work our way through the cookbook and enjoy all the unique and delicious recipes contained therein.  And if I happen to learn anything about cooking pizza on the grill along the way, I’ll pass that along too.

Here’s the first attempt and while it looks small, it’s actually fairly large.  And pretty tasty too.

Pizza on the Grill 1


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