Overgrown! ~ Sowing and Reaping


So it has been a little while since I’ve updated on the status of the garden, but it isn’t for lack of growing of the plants, that is for sure.  Once the weather turned warm and the summer rains started, our garden TOOK OFF.  Stalks started getting high, blooms exploded all over the place, vines started climbing and stretching, and most importantly, fruit started showing up.

imageSo far we’ve been able to harvest some tomatoes, cucumbers, and basil (more on those tomorrow) but the sunflowers have bloomed, the carrots seem like they are close, the squash is growing, and the peppers are reddening.  Corn and watermelon are in for the long-haul as is the surprise pumpkin plant that made a reappearance (after I killed last year’s accidental plant).  The arugula lettuce is so far the only thing that hasn’t done well as we likely planted too late in the season and it got too hot for it (which we thought might happen but took a chance anyway…).  But as you can see, we’re now going crazy with the growth!

imageAs for the overgrown look of the garden, well, that’s actually a little intentional.  We opted for groupings of plants rather than rows and wanted the plants to grow together, supporting and shading one another instead of neat and fancy yet unnatural and arbitrary rows.  I think we’ve succeeded..and then some.  But all the plants seem to be happy, the rain barrel has been providing plenty of water for everything, and the little bit of food we’ve gotten so far has been delicious.  So I’d say that the great garden experiment has thus far been a rousing success.


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