The Fiasco

I walked out of the office and over to my car and as I started to get into the drivers side I noticed a lot of liquid pooling under the front of the car…didn’t look so hot. So I popped the hood and went to investigate. As I was looking around and figuring out that all of coolant had drained out of my car, I put my hand down in the grass to try and look underneath the car. Evidently, I put my had in an ant pile.

After talking with a co-worker for a bit and not noticing the ants swarming my hand/arm, they started biting. Bad news. I’m allergic. And I was COVERED. I managed to get as many as I could off as quickly as possible but it wasn’t good at all. 20+ bites on my right hand. I had called my wife for a ride already so updated the call to include a trip to Urgent Care as I figured I was going to have a bad reaction to this. I usually swell a bit from 1-3 bites, but I knew 20+ could be big problems.

Of course my wife is stuck in traffic and can’t get to me so I began the search for Benadryl. Office First Aid kit didn’t have any, so I ended up walking a few blocks over to a gas station and buying some, taking two. My wife arrived and tool me to Urgent Care, where we were turned away bc it was 5:59p and they closed at 6p. (THANKS TRAFFIC)

At this point I am tingly all over, my whole body is RED as can be and my nasal passages have swollen to the point that I’m breathing out of my mouth. I’m relaxed and cool but now we’re headed 5 miles down the road to another urgent care place (an ER does not exist on this side of town and given traffic we were at least an hour away from one), one that is open til 8p.

We made it and they gave me an Epi shot and a steroid shot and the reaction started to slow and gradually subside. Redness went away, nasal passages opened and tinglyness was gone. We stopped off to grab some dinner and pick up my prescriptions before heading home, and while I fell asleep in the car (The wonders of Benadryl!) when I got up and went back into the house the whole reaction started all over again. So we called Mrs. Bear 71 (a nurse) who said call a Dr., so I called my friend who is an ER Doc here in town. He said to wait for a bit and let the prescription meds take effect and then take some more Benadryl and then, if things got worse, and I couldn’t breathe, to call 911 since they’d be the fastest for an Epi pen shot over and against a personal trip to the ER.

Thankfully it didn’t come to that and I just feel asleep and woke up with some localized itching and swelling at the bite sites, but nothing else. And a car that doesn’t work…but I guess it could have been a lot worse. Also taking steroids for a week or so, so I expect MLB to come knocking any day now…I hear they’re on a steroid finding binge these days.


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