Getting Dizknee Whirled

It was the highlight of the summer, the capstone of those hot middle months.  A family trip to Disney World with all of my wife’s family.  And summer hand’t even started yet! All told we numbered 9, 2 kids and 7 adults.  The main group had planned a 4-day excursion to the House of the Mouse but thanks to work (no really, I was SUPER thankful) we were going to miss the first 2 days.  And I guess I whined and complained enough about having to go that I was then released from the 4th and final day, which meant that I only had to attend 1/4th of the scheduled excursion, which seemed fair enough to me.

We arrived in Orlando after a long drive on Saturday and got geared up for the big day on Sunday.  It was decided that we’d go to Animal Kingdom since Magic Kingdom held no allure for me and had already been attended by the others in the group.  So we woke up bright and early Sunday morning and headed out.

My plan all along was to live tweet the whole day, but I wasn’t sure if that would result in me getting divorced or not (my wife is a Disney fan), so I decided to try and be stealthy about it and then ask for forgiveness, not permission, if/when caught.  Clearly I’d make a terrible spy as I got busted on like the 3rd tweet.  But instead of getting in trouble, I was given permission and from there on out, it was on.  Here’s a selection of some of my observations from the day:

So I survived the time at Animal Kingdom and after some dinner and a change of clothing, we headed back out, sans kids and the parent-in-laws to check out Disney Hollywood Studios.  We ended up only riding 2 rides twice apiece but had a good time and it wasn’t horrible, so that was a bonus.

All in all, even though I felt like our kid to adult ratio was a little low, it was hot, it cost a lot of money, it was crowded, and there weren’t a ton of things to do, it wasn’t the worst day I’d ever had.  I just thing there are some people that are Disney people, and some that aren’t and I just don’t have the Disney gene.  But just to provide some proof that I was actually there, I’ll leave you with this…


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