Grow Baby Grow ~ Sowing & Reaping

SowAndReapSo the process of growing a garden is kinda like watching paint dry or well, like watching plants grow.  Not the most exciting thing on a day by day process but large chunks of time that pass allow for large gains.  And since we were out of town for the last week it was so much fun to come home to a thriving, TALL, growing, and fruitful garden.  Seriously, check out that corn and those sunflowers.  Those babies have put some serious height on themselves. garden

So far, by my count we’ve got about 12 tomatoes going, 8-10 peppers, some small lettuce, some bushy carrot tops (seriously, I’m not sure about the carrots and when exactly I’m supposed to harvest them), and some good vines going with the cucumbers and the watermelons.  Squash has bloomed and the small cucumbers look to be bringing up the rear in our little patch of food, but I’m hopeful they’ll get moving soon.  The carrots and arugula did so well initially that I even planted a second round to see about harvesting some more from them.  Not sure about the lettuce in the heat, but we’ll see what happens.

garden growAll the plants seem healthy and happy though, and so far nothing has fallen apart, died, or been eaten.  Fingers crossed that our incredible luck continues and that everyone keeps growing.  We’re about to head into a deep dry spell, so watering will become an everyday thing soon, but we’ll see how everyone does with the heat.  We got pretty lucky with the rain situation while we were gone as it rained a lot and everything made it through.  Well, everything except for the hanging flowers.  They definitely look really, really bad, but I’ve been watering them almost constantly since we came home so hopefully they’ll rebound.  But other than that, we’re looking good!


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