Thoughts from Nowhere

Well, I’m not exactly nowhere, as this tiny little town out in the plains of Colorado is technically somewhere, but the lack of dining and entertainment options has really started to take its toll after 4 days and I am ready to get out of here.  Tomorrow’s the day and I’ll be headed to a big city for a bit, and then home to my lovely wife and 3 dogs, all 4 of whom I miss dearly.  But since that comes in a few days and I’m bored now, here are some things that I think I think.

1. I think that even though you aren’t supposed to get sentimental about things made out of metal that run on gasoline, it was a sad day when last week my dad texted me to tell me the my mower had finally given up the ghost.  I bought it about 20+ years ago with some of the proceeds from my growing lawn mowing business and it served me and my dad faithfully, mowing literally thousands of lawns for a really long time.  Not a bad return on less than $100 and some gas and oil money.  It was a trusty steed for longer than it should have been and for that, I am grateful.

2. I think that it is weird that the rental car companies keep giving me mini-vans to drive.  I do not like mini-vans.  They are not fun to drive, they take up too much space, and they are entirely too wasteful for one person to be driving around.  And yet this week I got my 3rd one.  It isn’t the end of the world by any means, but it just seems weird to me.

3. I think that there are few things that are as hit or miss as hole-in-the-wall diners.  I had meals that have gone both ways this week.  Some good, some bad, some ok.  But there is a sense of adventure about pulling up to a place, looking it over and saying, “Well, this could go either way but we’re here so we might as well try it out.”  At least the people are usually nice, so that is something.

4. I think that I had no idea that real life cowboys still wore spurs on their boots until two of them walked into the restaurant last night.  Spurs!  Like the metal kind that clink when you walk…who knew?  I also like the fact that in many rural areas overalls are still considered a vital piece of clothing that it worn all over the place.  I guess it is convenient for working in.

5. I think that wide open spaces and blue sky and never ending prairies are nice, but not really for me for living.  I guess it takes a special kind of person to live in kind of an area, or maybe they just grew up there and enjoy it because it is what they are used to.  But as for this city boy, not so much.  I do suppose it takes all kinds though, so I am happy to let them have their space and crops and livestock and barns.

6. I think that I now understand why my wife is constantly trying to get me to lower my voice in public.  Last night in the restaurant there was a guy that was talking SO LOUD and it was phenomenally annoying.  And really, there isn’t any way to go tell someone that they are being unbelievably loud and that no one else cares about your life without being rude.  So there you sit, just listening to something you don’t want to.

I think that’s about all I have to say now, but hopefully spring has finally sprung wherever you are and the sunshine and warm weather has made you happy.

Love and sweatpants.


2 thoughts on “Thoughts from Nowhere

  1. M D Blackwell says:

    Hi Sam, I think it is cool you get to travel all over the states! Mom told me dad put the lawnmower on the curb and he was lamenting it a bit too!! 20 years, wow…. My boys are mowing the lawn too, but they aren’t quite strong enough to pull the starter yet, so Michael or I still do that for them, but it won’t be for long!! We just got word yesterday that we now officially own this house here in Paarl. So very thankful it is done and sorted! Now to endure all the renovations that need to be done!! Anyway, love you and pray for you often… ~Heidi

  2. Dad says:

    Really sad about the mower. But life goes on and it is useful for something else….
    The wide open spaces… Yeah, I too, get enough of it quickly.

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