PLANTS IN THE GROUND ~ Sowing and Reaping

SowAndReapPlanting things, any kind of thing really, is one of my favorite rites of spring, right up there with baseball coming back, warmer weather, and clouds of pollen…well maybe not that last one.  But anyway, I love putting plants in soil, watering them, and watching them grow.  So you know I was excited when this Sunday became plants in the ground day for our new garden.  Thanks to the Birmingham Plant Sale and a well timed Home Depot 2-for-1 seed sale we managed to get a pretty good haul of stuff for the garden for not very much.  With enough left over for later in the year and possibly next year too.

Because this was a busy weekend for us we didn’t make it out to the plant sale until the very end which meant we planted seedsended up with the cast-offs and sale plants.  I have no idea if this makes them weak and feeble or if they’ll grow strong and hardy because they have a chip on their shoulder since they weren’t chosen earlier.  Either way though, they were cheap and looked decent enough, so we picked up some tomatoes and herbs and headed to Home Depot. Once there we grabbed seeds for two kinds of cucumbers, peppers, squash, corn, sunflowers, watermelon, carrots, and also got some more tomato plants and some other herbs and a pepper plant.  It’s a pretty audacious list of stuff for our first attempt at a backyard garden, be we figured we’d see what took and did well and then keep going from there.

seeds and potsSo we came home, grabbed our little trowels and gloves and got to work putting some seeds in the ground.  I’m actually pretty excited about the whole thing and I really hope it isn’t an abject failure, or worse, that something awful like a terrible freak hailstorm or mid-summer freeze doesn’t happen to ruin our crop.  We’re pretty sure we’ve got great soil, our watering system is working and rolling, and there is plenty of sun, so I think, (fingers crossed), we should be pretty good here.

We also planted some flowers in our window boxes and put some herbs in flowerssome containers.  If everything turns out and we get just 1/4th of what we sowed, then we should be sitting pretty with plenty of veggies from late summer and into the fall, and plenty of color surrounding our back deck area for many months to come. Spring has sprung behind our house and it is a fantastic sight!


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