The New Dog

Parker says "Hi"

Parker says “Hi”

If you’ve read my blog at all you probably know that we have 2 great dogs, Parker and Luther.  Parker is a 10 year old Weimaraner and Luther is a 7 year old Miniature Schnauzer and they certainly provide plenty of chaos in our house, not to mention messes.  But we love them and they’re good dogs so it is totally worth it.

So last weekend we went to a benefit event for Weimaraner Rescue of the South which of course included an opportunity to either adopt or foster a Weim.  It was tempting, much more for Kristen than myself, but throughout the whole event I kept saying that we had 2 dogs already and did not need another one, especially since we did not have a yard.  We came to the consensus that we’d

Luther says "Woof"

Luther says “Woof”

find other ways of helping out the charity and the dogs without bringing one home.  It was a good plan that lasted all of 36 hours…

I came to work Monday morning and pretty soon after arriving had a friend tell me that she needed my help and probably the help of my wife, who loves dogs (Yes, that is a true statement).  It seems that the exact same weekend that we were at a benefit event not getting a dog, there was another benefit event for a different charity that was auctioning off a dog.  A puppy even.  A really cute puppy.  And my friend and her husband had enjoyed the event and had a little too much to drink and started bidding when the puppy came up for auction.  And kept bidding.  And won.  And took the puppy home that night.

Yes, she looks sooo much like her big sister Parker.

Yes, she looks sooo much like her big sister Parker.

At this point I’m laughing because this is 1) a hilarious story, and 2) what could have happened to us, but really was the opposite of what we did at our event.  So my friend brings the dog home to 2 pugs and a 4 year-old and very quickly realizes that they’ve made a mistake.  The pugs and the puppy don’t really get along and trying to train a puppy with a 4 year-old seems too daunting a task.  So now, 3 days in, she’s got to find a place for this puppy.  Did she mention that this puppy is a 10-12 week old Weimaraner?  ARE YOU KIDDING ME?

Yes, you read that right.  After being able to attend an event filled with reminders about Weims and NOT walking out with a dog, I can’t go a hour at work without getting offered one.  One that needs a good home.  A rescue.  So at this point I start laughing again, this time at the absurdity of

We're suckers...but the good kind.

We’re suckers…but the good kind.

the situation.  After a few texts, emails, phone conversations, and sleeping on it, Kristen and I decided that logic and rationality could go out the window, as this puppy was too cute and we needed to be the ones to give her a good home.

So there she is.  She’s sweet, curious, and asleep under my chair as I type this.  The older dogs have seemed to tolerate her really well and she’s done really well with them too, so we’re hoping that continues.  We never really thought we’d be a 3 dog family, but here we are, figuring things out as we go along.  So welcome Lucy to the family and I have no doubt she’ll make many more appearances here as she grows!


2 thoughts on “The New Dog

  1. Heidi Blackwell says:

    Love, love, love it!! Lucy is sooo cute, hope it works out. 😄 Natalie says she wants another puppy too, ha!

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