Thinking on a Rainy Thursday

It’s rainy outside, the wife is out, and the dogs are asleep on the floor in the office.  I’m finally home after a long trip away and it is so nice to be here.  So here’s some thoughts I have right now, expressed in my former style of 5 Things I Think I Think (check out some former The Week That Was posts if you don’t understand).

1. I think that my time last week with friends from different walks of life taught me two things: First, that you really do have some friends that you will never ever not be friends with no matter how long between visits you go or how different your lives become.  Some people are just friends for life and that’s it.  Second, time with those types of friends, that do live so far away, kinda make me ache for that type of friendship locally.

2. I think that I really, really needed to read the following last night “We need to learn from Abraham’s example and trust in the gospel promises even when we cannot understand what God is doing in out lives.”  And then this morning on the plane “This is the God we serve, the God who knew us before He made us.  The God who promises to be with us and rescue us.  The God who loves us and longs for us to love him back.”  Thank you Vaughn Roberts and Francis Chan for penning those words.

3. I think that as I sit here listening to the rain pound on my roof, the thunder rumble outside, and Joe Purdy singing and playing the guitar on my iTunes, I’m struck by how incredible it is that God actually created all of these things, so different and strange, and yet all under His command.

4. I think that Clam Chowder is the best soup ever.  I ate 2 bowls for dinner tonight and they were both so delicious.  I can’t explain it to you, but know that if you buy me some Clam Chowder you’ll be my hero (it doesn’t take much).

5. I think that I have to have married the most incredible woman on the planet.  She put up with me being gone for a week while both of our dogs were sick and depositing all manner of bodily fluids all over our carpet.  And while she was frustrated, she still kept cleaning everything up, finding new remedies for them to try to feel better, and still loving on both of them.  Pretty sure I owe her pretty big.


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