Sowing and Reaping – Adventures in Learning to Garden: A New Series

SowAndReapMy wife and I have dabbled in the garden thing for the past few years.  We’ve done some tomatoes, a fair amount of herbs, and plenty of flowers.  We’ve also killed some ferns, transplanted some monkey grass, and had an ill-fated adventure with a pumpkin vine (which I have to admit I killed by pruning down way too much).

But earlier this fall two huge trees were taken out of our back area (to call it a yard is a little too generous for this small space), one of which was taking up a large area that is now open.  So our plan is to put in a couple of raised beds and to start cultivating a real garden with actual vegetables that we can eat.

It’s audacious, possibly foolish, and probably will result in some dead plants along the way.  But we’re committed to making it happen, so much so that we’ve already gotten a rain barrel to aid in the watering, some hoses (for use with said rain barrel.  We did have other hoses…), some stuff for mosquito control (always a good idea in the deep South), and a good supply of optimism.

We’re not really sure how successful we’ll be, but I think that’s ok.  There’s something satisfying about putting plants in the ground and watching them grow, bloom, flower, and fruit.  But I also think there’s some value in just being outside and playing around in the dirt.  There’s some purpose in that and it makes my mind work in a different way than it usually does.  So we’ll see what happens.  And I’ll document our steps, successes, and failures here for all my readers (both of you) to experience right along with us.  I’m even planning on posting some pictures of the steps we’re taking so that you can follow along and also so that others might learn from what works (and probably more likely what didn’t) for us.

So here we go and be sure to check back in future weeks to see where we are in our great gardening adventure.

Love and Sweatpants.


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