Sam’s Choice : Nike+

I’ve recently become a runner.  Shocking, I know.  It was really out of necessity as I became a high school soccer referee this winter and needed to get into shape so that I did not become that ref that died while chasing the adolescents around the field.  I started out slowly and crudely, just logging how many laps around my neighborhood lacrosse field I ran and how long it took me.  But this did not really give me any kind of a good breakdown on what my pace was and my real distance.  And I was ok with this until, as with most things in my life, my lovely wife showed me a better way.  She got a tracking device for her exercise and movement during the day and after seeing how well it worked for her I started looking at what some of the other options for tracking my own exercise were.  I came upon the Nike+ system, which works with a sensor in your Nike+ enabled shoe and an array of electronic devices like an iPhone, iPod or a specialty Nike tracker of some sort.

So after looking at it, I got myself some Nike+ shoes (I needed a new pair of running shoes anyway…) and the sensor and tracker and off I went.  As you run it tracks your time, distance, pace and calories burned (probably approximate).  After you finish your run you can upload all of your information to the Nike+ site where you can compare with other users, monitor your progress towards a set goal, look at your averages and records, and generally get most any kind of data on your runs that you want.  It’s worked really well for motivating me as I hate seeing large gaps in my timeline.  I’ve even started getting up early to run (which if you know me you know that is quite the accomplishment) and I’ve run while out of town on business.  I mean I’m an actual real runner.  Now my pace and distances aren’t really anything exciting to write home about, but I am definitely progressing and what’s even more, I’m earning rewards as I do this.

Yes, after using Nike+ for about a month I found Earndit, a website where I can link my Nike+ data and get rewards for my workouts.  So now I have double the motivation for making sure that I don’t take too many days off as not only am I ruining my good looking progress graph, but I’m also missing out on gift certificates and other cool rewards.  So really, it’s the perfect thing for me since I am a sucker for a free/ good deal and I don’t want to miss out on amassing some more points.

So now I’m a runner and I’ve got to say, it’s not all that bad.  If I could just do something about this summer time heat, I’d be good to go…


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