Adventures in Misspelling

Does this can of paint come with spellchecker?

For the past 3 years or so, my lovely wife and I (started when we were dating) have been faithfully and dutifully saving up our recycling things and taking them downtown to the local center to do our small part for the environment.  So imagine our excitement when someone within our townhome community emailed to say that they had spoken to the city’s waste management and that our recycling would now be picked up at our community entrance.  A 45 minute round-trip drive just became a 3 minute walk.  I headed up to the entrance to drop of my maiden load of recyclables only to literally laugh out loud and how our cans had been labeled, ostensibly by someone in our community that was afraid we’d mix our trash in with the “Recyling”. So far I’ve resisted the urge to leave a note saying “I hope it is ok that I put my recyCling in here” and my lovely wife has resisted the urge to take a paint brush and add in the necessary C.  But every time I drop something in there, I definitely smile to myself.


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