The Accidental Garden

Each Spring, as the winter chill fades into summer heat, my lovely wife and I try our hand at the age-old tradition of planting some flowers and other assorted plants to try to make our yard look more like a well-manicured greenspace instead of a barren moonscape.  And along with our ornamental plantings, we also typically plant a small herb garden of sorts and some tomato plants (not the Topsy-Turvy mind you).  Our endeavors with herbs and veggies have been mildly successful in the past though we have in no way reaped a bountiful harvest on any front.  I attribute this to A.) lack of suitible areas for growing (so far our plants have been limited to half-barrels that we’ve moved around trying to find ideal sunlight) and B.) our own impatience and inconsistency. 

But this year, due to many factors like being too busy and travelling too much, we didn’t really get a chance to get our “garden” (I use the term garden loosely as I am not sure that 5 herbs and two tomato plants can really be considered a garden)planted and set.  So imagine my surprise when one day a few weeks ago I looked out off my deck and realized that a full-fledged pumpkin vine was growing in the crook of the tree in my backyard.  We did not intentionally plant a pumpkin there, but instead deposited a rotting pumpkin left over from fall decorations because that was about as far as the carcass would make it.  But somehow in the decomposition stages the seeds found enough soil and nutrients to take root and are now growing happily.  I’ve augmented their area by adding some soil and taking out a metal barbecue grate that was sitting about 1/2 and inch below the topsoil (I have no idea where this came from or why it was there…one of the many strange things I’ve pulled out of my backyard area) and have now watered and fertilized our small little vines with the hopes that they will grow into giant pumpkins that are fit for carving in the fall.  We shall see.  But for now I am basking in the glow of our accidental garden.


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