An Open Letter to Chick-fil-a

Dear Chick-fil-a,

Let me first begin this letter by thanking you for your delicious food.  In fact, if given the choice, I would choose one of your restaurants over any other fast food joint anywhere.  Your chicken sandwiches are delicious, I enjoy your waffle fries, and I find the fact that your employees say “My pleasure” instead of “You’re welcome” endearing.  Quite frankly, I’m a huge fan.  I even have a handful of friends that work for you in various corporate areas and another that is an owner operator.  My nephew’s favorite outing is to go to Chick-o-lay.  So I’m not really coming into this as a detached observer or a hater.  But there really is something we need to talk about.  It’s the cows.

Yeah, those cows.  The ones that have been invading my TV commercials and local billboards for as long as I can recall.  I think it’s been 10 years but it might be more.  It feels like forever.  And I’ve reached full saturation.  They aren’t funny, cute, or even remotely amusing anymore.  I remember thinking initially that the cows were somewhat of an innovative marketing strategy when they first made their appearance, but in my humble opinion, they’ve really outlived their usefulness.  And now I find them just annoying and a little creepy.  The misspelled captions and spoofy calendars were cool and funny a while ago, but really, I think, and I suspect I am not in the minority here, that you maybe need a new campaign.  Not that I think that you are hurting for business as every time I enter any one of your locations anywhere in the country I am it is totally packed, but maybe a course correction would be in order here.  I realize that you have a lot of money invested in these cows but as the world’s premiere chicken sandwich seller I just find it odd that you’ve tied your marketing to cows.  I’m not saying that you need to change to having a chicken as your new mascot, but maybe just a little less of the cows would be an improvement.  I know that you have a lot of smart people working for you as you’ve continued to develop new sandwiches and sauces, so maybe just put some of that talent to work on a new add campaign.  You never know, maybe people will go for it and then you could even do nostalgic things with the cows every once in while.  But for the sake of everyone that has been over-saturated with the cows, please just put them out to pasture and let them be.

And for goodness sake, please don’t change your food.  It’s perfect.

Love and Sweatpants,



2 thoughts on “An Open Letter to Chick-fil-a

  1. “over-saturated with cows…” sounds like a great new add campaign for Chik-fil-a. Something like, our fast food is over-saturated with cows (and Jared, wait is Jared still a Subway thing?).

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