Sam’s Choice – The Adventures of Tintin

I’ll just go ahead and point out up front that there is no possible way I could be objective in reviewing this movie.  If you want a critique of the new Tintin movie, you really ought to look elsewhere.  I’ve been reading the Tintin stories since I was probably 6 or 7, so seeing one of your childhood heroes come to life on the big screen is a pretty exciting thing, even if you are an adult.

I was a bit nervous about how the finished product would look, seeing as Tintin is a two dimensional comic character, whereas the movie was made in 3D motion capture.  But from the opening scene on, the realism was incredible and instead of being distracting as I was afraid it might be, it almost made me forget I was watching something created and not real.  We saw the movie in 3D, but like most movies, it did not really add to or take away from the experience.  Either way, the finished product was incredibly polished and wonderfully well-done.

So how was the movie you ask?  In a word, fantastic.  There were little homages to the Tintin books throughout the film and the storyline, though drawn from three different Tintin books (The Secret of the Unicorn, The Crab with the Golden Claws, and Red Rackhams’ Treasure) held together well and was a wonderful and exciting adventure.  It was pretty enthralling from start to finish and embodied everything that I love about Tintin, namely the tremendous adventures in exotic locales with colorful characters. But even if you are not familiar with the Tintin stories I suspect that you will enjoy the movie, although probably not as much (the other adult with me, my loving and patient wife who bought us tickets for my birthday, did enjoy it but not nearly as much as I did…so factor that in somewhere).

All in all it was very exciting to see all of my childhood characters come to life on the big screen to be done so well.  If you have ever read any Tintin books or have some small children that enjoy adventure and have great imaginations, I’d definitely recommend that you get out to a local movie theater and see this movie.  There is a pretty good guide for parents here that you might want to check out before you go but I would not caution you against anything in this movie at all.  One of my favorites and I imagine it will remain that way for a long time.


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