Carving Pumpkins

I’m not really sure where my love of carving pumpkins came from.  Maybe it was as a kid in the garage spread out on newspaper trying not to fling the pumpkin guts on my sisters…or maybe there is something more primordial about mutilating a gourd that makes me happy.  Motivations aside, I really like carving pumpkins and seeing other people carve up their own pumpkins.  And then I really love roasting and eating the pumpkin seeds (plenty of butter and salt please).  I even hosted 6 consecutive pumpkin carving parties in 2 different states and 4 different locations.  So yeah, I am a fan.

Therefore, as fall rolled in this year, I decided that Kristen and I ought to carve some pumpkins of our own.  Given that it is football season and we are pretty big college football fans I decided that we’d show our school allegiances with our carvings.  I printed out some logos and got out the tools and we went to work.  About an hour later, some heavy concentration, and a nick of the knife on K’s hand, we had some fantastic looking pumpkins.  Or at least to these totally biased fans we did…


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