I need to write here more…I hate reading (or I guess not reading) blogs that never update and I am the guiltiest by far.  So here’s me trying to start writing a little more.  I think that I need the creative outlet anyway, so I’ll kill two birds with one stone (metaphorically speaking of course, as I am not really one to shoot birds with stones).

Anyway, today’s topic is camping.  When I was a kid almost all of our family vacations took place on hiking trails and in tents, which was pretty fantastic if you were a curious young boy that liked being outside (check.).  But once high school came around I really got away from it and then in college went on a few ill-fated trips and did not really camp much at all, save one summer in Colorado where I lived in a Tepee and chased 8-10 year old little boys around the camp and tried to keep them from killing themselves…

But Kristen and I have decided to be campers and so I now spend an inordinate amount of time looking at REI’s website and adding things to my Wish list in the event we gain a large inheritance or something like that.  We haven’t really decided yet if we are hardcore backpackers yet (though Kristen would like to be…), mostly just because that takes a greater commitment and more expensive equipment.  So for now we are car campers (no RV’s or trailers for us…) which works well as we can haul all of our stuff to the campsite and still keep the dogs under control (What, you thought we’d leave them out of this?).

Really, I’d love to take a long sabbatical from work and go hike a large section of the Appalachian Trail, or maybe the Grand Canyon or something like that.  But I think that those might just be pipe dreams (and not just because I cannot get any time off of work…) for now.  Maybe later.  I also think that I’d be a way cooler camper if I had a tent that looked like a VW van, which would be awesome but would generate tons of awkward conversations with strangers wanting to know about your tent.  So for now we’ll just stick with our regular old green tent, our patchwork camping kit, and our grandiose dreams of conquering the wilderness while staying close enough to home that we do not have to spend too much time in the car to get to the actual campsites (a small problem in Alabama…).

But if anyone has any suggestions on where to camp that is not blazing hot and is semi-private in the southeast, I’d love to know.  Or if you want to share general camping advice or stories, that’d be good too.  I’ll leave you with a good one of my own and then you can discuss accordingly.  One of the last family camping trips we ever took was in either Oregon or way Northern California and involved a large family campground.  One night my Dad and my sister and I were all walking back to our campsite when we passed a foldout tent that was housed halfway on the back of a motorcycle trailer and halfway on a single pole.  Literally, as we were walking by the pole collapsed under the weight of the two people that were inside the tent and then folded up with them inside of it.  We could hear them yelling and thrashing inside the tent but instead of helping them (like normal good people would have) we were laughing too hard to do anything.  Afraid that someone (namely the people in the tent) would see or hear us, my Dad grabbed us and we took off running back to our campsite where we collapsed by the fire and laughed until our sides hurt.  Pretty sure that is a classic “You had to be there” moment, but it always comes to mind when I think about camping.  So fun, yet so unpredictable.


3 thoughts on “Camping

  1. Dad says:

    Yes, northern CA, Grover Hot Springs, a little south of Tahoe, I think. One of the prettiest campgrounds anywhere, and host to the funniest people evair!
    Note: Normal people who are not PC LAUGH (without guilt).
    Note 2: Running more than ten feet at 8,000 ft elevation does things to your brain as well as your lungs.

  2. heidi says:

    I am laughing right now just thinking of that moment in my life! I will never forget it. what about camping at Stone Mt.? we tented there once and it seemed pretty nice, although we did get caught in a downpour and we had Buddy with us, but he did great. He loved swimming in the lake there.

  3. Okay Sam, if you ever DO get that sabbatical and hike the Gran Canyon, you have to stop inTucson on the way and say “Hi!” Tom Askew

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