Summer Peru Mission Trip

As the title of the post suggests, I am going on a mission trip to Peru this summer in mid July.  This is probably not a surprise to any of you, as most of you have heard about my trips, supported me, and even traveled with me on them before.  So in order to keep this blog interesting, I figured I’d tell you what is different about this trip from all the previous ones I’ve been on before.

First is the country.  Peru is not a country I have ever been to nor have I ever traveled beneath the equator.  So that should be a new experience, but still not that shocking.  Next is the actual mission work that we will be doing.  I am traveling with a team from my church of about 13 people and we will be working in a community outside Lima where locals and missionaries are working to plant a church.  Nothing new or novel there for me, but the fact that we will be setting up a clinic and treating people is.  I’ve never been on a medical missions trip before and I am actually pretty excited about it.  I think that it will be an excellent opportunity to make disciples through meeting a physical need while looking for the opportunity to reach the spiritual need.  Our hope and prayer is that this clinic serves as a wedge for the missionaries and locals in this area to meet and connect with people and to eventually plant a church there.  This is pretty exciting stuff for me and I am happy to be a part of helping get this church off the ground. 

The last thing that will be different is me personally.  I am sure you are aware of the strange place I am at in my life, one of wondering and waiting, and I feel that this is a very different place than I have ever been before a mission trip before.  I know that I always learn something about myself and more about God when I am serving in another country and I pray that this trip will not be any different. 

So of course, I need your help in this endeavor.  Obviously there is a cost to this and just as clearly there is a need for prayer support.  Kristen and I have put forth half of the cost of the trip ourselves, but that still leaves about $900 dollars left to be raised.  Any small amount that you can give would be greatly appreciated, but what would be more appreciated is your prayers.  You can pray specifically for the following: that our team would be willing servants that reach out to what Jesus calls the least of these as we seek to help them physically, that we would grow personally in our walks with God both leading up to the trip and on the ground there, and that the small seeds that are planted in people’s lives would take root and blossom into salvation.

Thanks for taking the time to read and if you are interested in supporting me, you can mail a check made out to Cross Creek Church (tax deductible of course) to 2301 Grand Ave, Suite 100 Hoover, AL 35226 and just put my name and Peru Support in the memo line.

Thanks for reading,



2 thoughts on “Summer Peru Mission Trip

  1. Hey, can you tell me where you got the map of Peru in your post? I would like to use it for my research poster and am seeking the copyright holder for permission. Thanks!

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