It’s that time of year again.  And just to get things out of the way, Phil did not see his shadow which means that we should have an early Spring this year.  I relayed this news to a small child at the bank today and it was greeted with yells of excitement and fist pumps.  If I thought that it would not get me fired, I might have done the same…

Anyway, here is my usual Top 5 list of why this is my favorite holiday, and then some other links for you to visit for your enjoyment.

t’s a yearly tradition for me, so if you are a frequent reader, this will be familiar. If not, then enjoy my reasons for loving this whimsical day.

Top 5 Reasons Sam Likes Groundhog Day So Much…

1. It is so undeniably stupid and pointless that it just makes it fun. I mean come on, they pull this groundhog named Phil out of the ground, he sees his shadow or he does not, and then we have 6 more weeks of winter. Such fun. I also think the fact that there are people in a tiny hamlet in western Pennsylvania that take this so seriously. We need more things like this in our lives!

2. It is probably the one non-commercialized and underrated holiday left. Seriously, no one even remembers that today is Groundhog Day. And that’s the way I like it. Quite charming really. In fact, I watched CNN news for 45 min at lunch today and not one mention of it.  Totally underrated.  (Although people have actually started remembering that it is Groundhog Day thanks to my tireless efforts to publicize…mad props to those wishing me a happy GHD!)

3. Of course, the outstanding movie that Paul Kranz (former roommate) and I re-discovered our freshman year. As far as I am concerned, this movie is the highest of high comedy and is Bill Murray at his absolute peak (What About Bob? and Caddyshack included, though they rank as like 1b and 1c. I mean come on, who can choose a favorite Bill Murray movie?)

4. The date. 2/2. What is there not to like about that? I have friends that made a movie about their trip to Punxsutawney in 2002 and called it 02/02/02. (Mad props to John, Jon, and Will) How cool is that?

5. The abbreviations it allows. What other holiday’s have as cool of abbreviations as GD (the one time a year that it is not bad…thanks Blake for the joke there) and GHD, my personal favorite, which is way cooler than any other holiday abbreviation you could think of.


And now, some bonus content to keep you occupied for the rest of the evening…

First off is a columnist in Cincinnati that takes the same view of the movie that I have been espousing for many years now.  I know you never thought of Groundhog Day as a spiritual movie, but here it is.

Next, if you are at all curious about what exactly a groundhog is (raising my hand and nodding) then check out the NWF’s informative post about them.

National Geographic gets in on the fun by giving some info about the accuracy of the forecasts and the origination of Phil and the tradition.

And lastly, this blog does the math and figures out how long Phil Conners was stuck in Groundhog Day.

So enjoy the day and wish someone a Happy Groundhog Day.  You’ll enjoy it I promise.

Love and Sweatpants.

(Funny pictures via someecards.com)


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