One of my most surreal moments…

At dinner tonight with our pastor and his wife, I retold this story and was reminded of how ridiculous this story and pictures really are…so here’s a story from about 4 and a half years ago (Note: this was originally posted on my (gulp…) Myspace blog).

If you are a frequent reader of my blogs (both of you…), you may recall about a month or two ago when my roommates and I heard a car accident and found that someone had backed a truck into their house. I believe that blog ended with something to the effect of “As my neighbor put it, ‘There is never a dull moment living on Parker Ave.'”

This certainly rings true tonight. At approximately 11:35 pm, I was fast asleep in my bed, exhausted from working all day and having expended all sorts of energy. However, my deep slumber was rudely disturbed as I heard an incerdible noise, not unlike my desk and bookshelf in my room spontainiously falling over upon one another. I shook off the effects of such a rude awakening and set about finding the cause of this disturbance. On first glance, everything in my room seemed to be in shape, but I was hearing what sounded like my neighbor yelling at someone from outside. I went out in to the living room to be greeted by a roommate wondering what had happened in my room. As I explained that nothing had happened, we opened the front door and were greeted by a truck (yes, that is a vehicle, one with four wheels, a cab, and a bed) sitting in my front yard, on my bushes, walkway, and front lawn. This was certainly a disturbing sight, compounded by the fact that my house was just listed (were talking yesterday here folks) For Sale.

At this point I saw my neighbor looking down one of the side streets, cranning his neck as if looking for someone or something. He told me that he saw the guy who had so uncerimoniously given me a new yard ornament and was looking for him, but that he had run off. We conversed a bit, then I went inside, got the phone, and called the police to report that a truck has been abandoned in my front yard.

At this point, as the shock of the situation began to wear off, I started to wonder what in the world had made the lound noise that woke me up. I looked over by my bedroom window to see the brand new (less than 36 hours old) real estate sign cracked in half, and an obviously new dent in my siding, about 18 in from my window.

More roommates began return home, each to incredulous looks of disbelief at the new vehicle we had suddenly procured, for no apparent reason. As we stood around waiting on WPB’s finest to arrive, the “driver” (I use the term driver loosely, since it seems that in order to be considered a driver one should have the capability to stay off of sidewalks and out of front lawns) returned to ostensably recover his truck. My neighbor positively identified him and the culprit, at which point I called the police again and told them we had the suspect and they could go ahead and come pick him up.

(This is a long story, but just reflects my night…long.) We tried asking him questions, but he did not speak any English and then tried to tell us that his “brother” drove the car into my yard and that he was merely coming by as a good citizen to see what the damage was and to recover the truck. (at least we think that is what he said. We speak little Spanish and like I said, he spoke little/no English.) At this point a police car drove by, headed the opposite way, so we waved him in, thinking he was coming to remedy our little “situation”. He flipped a u-turn, rolled down his window, then asked me if we just were waving or if we needed something. My reply? “Uhhh, yeah, there’s a truck in my yard here.” He then noticed the truck and began doing police-like things in his notebook and on his radio and the like.

So where does this happy story leave us? No charges were filled, since no one actually saw the “driver” behind the wheel. No matter that my neighbor saw him close he door and run away, that does not count. The truck was impounded and should the owner come to get it, at that point the insurance (if there is any) will get involved and I may get reimbursed for the replacement of my bushes. My sleep however, will never be returned.

And of course, no story as good as this one is complete without visual evidence, so feast your eyes on the following:


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