The Most Wonderful Time of the Year

I’m not sure what part of the country you might be reading this from, but hopefully you are getting as much enjoyment out of this time of the year as I am.  Fall is definitely my favorite season for a myriad of reasons.  But they may not be what you’re thinking…or maybe they are.  Either way, here’s the list (since I know that is what you were thinking…)

1. Sports – College Football.  Professional Football.  Baseball playoffs.  Hockey.  Need I say more?  The past 4 years were consumed with graduate school and the like so I did not really have the time to indulge in watching sports like I would have liked.  But this year things are a little less structured, although I do need to be aware that my wife would like to watch some TV as well…  And while my teams (Athletics, Dodgers, California Golden Bears, and San Francisco 49ers) are all either out of the playoffs (And have been for some time really) or not really that competitive, it is still enjoyable to watch.  (Well, for the most past.  The Cal losses have been tough to stomach but other than that…)  So it really is a great time to enjoy sports.

2. The weather – Yeah, this maybe ought to be number 1, but I do love me some playoff baseball.  But I digress…yes, there is something amazing about being able to take the dogs outside for a walk without returning looking like you’ve gone for a swim.  So yes, I am definitely a fan of the cooler weather.  Doors and windows open, fans and A/C’s off, and sweatshirts and sweaters out.  I feel like my fall/winter wardrobe is so much more fashionable and fun when compared with my summer/spring one.  I guess it is the layers.  The fall foliage (something my mother is missing dearly while living in South Florida) is usually breathtaking and spectacular.  And the lack of mosquitoes that comes with the great cool down is also a most welcome event.  So really, I see no downsides and many upsides.  I do feel for my friends in Florida though, as I missed fall each year as summer slid into more summer and then there were a few weeks of winter and then back to summer (This is my wife’s idea of an ideal climate…).

3.The Music – Yes, I know, this is a little out there, but for some reason Fall seems to be the time that I discover great new music and/or my favorite artists release new stuff (or it gets leaked to the internet and I get to listen to it).  Or maybe it’s just that the change of seasons inspires me to go look for new music (I do have playlists in my iTunes for each season where I catalog what music I found and listened to the most that season…I know, it is weird but I like it).  Whatever the case, to me, fall means new music.  And new music always makes me happy.

4. Pumpkin Seeds – I like pumpkin and all of the assorted other things that come with them like carving and pie and the like, but for sheer enjoyment there are few things that I like as much as home roasted pumpkin seeds.  I even concocted the idea for the first of 6 straight Pumpkin Carving Parties that I hosted yearly as a way to gain more pumpkin seeds to roast without having to carve more pumpkins myself (Seriously.  This idea and a tray of Miami Dolphin cookies that looked fallish to me when I walked by them in Publix were really this inspiration for the first Pumpkin Party).  So yes, roasted pumpkin seeds with plenty of butter (I typically melt about a stick of butter for two pans worth of seeds…Paula Deen would be so proud!) and salt (really, you don’t want to know) and I’m eating for the next few weeks every chance I get, typically until my tongue gets raw.

And that about covers it.  Yeah, there are other incidental things that I enjoy about fall, but typically these are the four main things that I think about when I think fall.  I know it is a little out there, but you’ve got to be an individual right?  Or not…

Happy Fall!


One thought on “The Most Wonderful Time of the Year

  1. Darlene says:

    I miss the fall most. It’s getting a little cooler here. What new music discoveries have you found.

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