The Great Bathroom Redo 2010

Ok, so the title may be overstating it a bit, but still, we are working on updating the bathroom.  As you may recall (or may not, either way…), last summer we completely redid the kitchen. So this summer, it was decided to do the master bathroom.  While the project is not nearly as intensive (it could be if we wanted it to be, but were taking small steps here…) it is a major step forward in bring our home out of the 70’s and into present day.

So the plan is this…paint on the walls (after striping off the wallpaper, since I am firm believer that anyone that paints wallpaper should be punched in the face, or somewhere else less desirable…), new mirror replacing the wall length one, new light fixtures, a new cabinet over the toilet (which is itself new since January), and a couple of new accessory pieces (Kristen’s department, not mine…).

So far we’re making some slow progress at it.  I’ve just finished getting all of the wallpaper off the walls, and I have removed the lights, the mirror, and the non-functional beam stretching across the counter (it was as ridiculous as it sounds).  I’ve made use of a steamer for the wallpaper (Works like a champ) and a friend for the mirror and beam (I’ve learned since last summer’s trip to the ER…now I ensure two people will be injured if things go bad) and things are looking better.  Well, worse actually, but worse means progress and barring a disaster, we ought to be ready for paint by the weekend.

Here’s a few pictures for you to get an idea of what we’re working with…

So that’s it…I’ll hopefully have more for you in a few days.


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