The Week That Was

It’s been about a month since I’ve reflected on a past week, so here I am again, bringing you all things both interesting and banal.  Enjoy!

Music That I Am Listening To and Enjoying – The main musical choice for the better part of a month has been Legends of Rodeo.  Legends are/were a band that I went to college with and became my favorite band to listen to and see at shows on Friday/Saturday nights in downtown West Palm Beach.  They recently played a reunion/nostalgia show in Lake Worth that I was not able to attend but I was able to get my hands on their Rarities Vol. 1 CD that was given away at the show.  It contained some gems on it, chief among them Strawberry Crazy, my favorite Legends song of all time.  I’ve also been listening to Foo Fighters, Matt Pond PA, the new Weepies song, Radical Face, School of Language, Field Music, The Sea and Cake, and Alberta Cross.

Customer Service Moment of the Week – About a week ago I was making a drink to the exact (I’m serious, exactly how this person wanted it) specifications of a customer when they complained that it was not the right color (seriously?  Color of the drink is an issue now?  Can we at least give it a taste first?) and then requested that I relinquish my bar duties to the other person working so that they could make the drink correctly.  She then said matter-of-factly, “I’m not trying to be funny”.  I almost said, well given your looks, it’s not working, but instead I just gave over the drink to the other barista who made it the correct color (which looked suspiciously the same color as the drink I had made…).  Seriously people, get over yourself.

Sports Moment of the Week – The World Cup has ended, which has brought great sadness (me) and great joy (my wife, who gets her husband and television back…), but the final game was definitely short of amazing.   It was a gritty foul-filled affair that ended with Spain as the victor, thereby giving them their first World Cup in fine fashion.  But for the sports moment of this week, I’ll have to go with Alberto Contador winning the Tour de France for the third time.  Most Americans are not paying attention since Lance Armstrong was out of it, but winning the Tour once is a huge deal, let alone 3 times.

Oh, and about 3 weeks ago, LeBron James decided to play in Miami with 2 other superstars.  And he announced this on live TV.  Which I refused to watch.  That is my anti-sports moment of the year.  It’s one thing to go play with other stars.  But he’s gotten all kinds of flack for the way it was done and how he handled the decision, and rightly so.  I agree with Dr. Drew, who blames our current reality tv society, in which everyone wants to be famous, yet no one wants to put in the work that it takes to actually be good enough at something to become famous.  So they take the easy way out and get famous because they are famous.  Yes, that makes no sense to me either.

Books and Movies of the Week – Plenty to work with here.  Movies are as follows in the ones I enjoyed the most to the least: Inception (It is as good as advertised, so go see it.), Adventureland (My wife’s favorite, a laid back summer movie ala Dazed and Confused, that is a lot of fun and very entertaining), Law Abiding Citizen (really, really tense movie that keeps you guessing), The Ghost Writer (a really good thriller with a great twist), and Good Hair (a fascinating Chris Rock documentary about African-American hair).  By the way, that’s all in the last month, lest you think all I’ve done for the last week is watch movies…Books included Black Maestro, an interesting story about a black jockey from the turn othe century, Sacred Marriage, a challenging look at how we view marriage, and Clearing the Bases, a self-serving rambling autobiography by former baseball player Mike Schmidt that was terrible.

Video of the Week – Once again, proof that there are few things better than live local news…

My wife would like you to see the double rainbow guy, which I’m sure you’ve already seen, but I’ll post here nonetheless…

And then, her second choice for video of the week, the Carl fight…

So there you go, 3 videos to make up for the 3 weeks you’ve missed…

5 Things I Think I Think

1. I think that it is officially as hot as it ever has been.  Friday night at 8 o’clock it was still 100 degrees and it felt like it.  Plants, dogs, and humans are all wilting under the intense sunlight and humidity.  Fans and A/C’s are running constantly and still it is oppressively hot everywhere you turn.  I can hardly remember a stretch this hot for this long in my life and I’ve been in some pretty hot places in my day.  Not sure if we’re in record setting territory yet, but it has to be getting close.  Wish I’d bought stock in ice…

2. I think that the fact that Publix has motion sensitive lights in their freezer section is about the coolest thing ever (it’s the little things…).  Last night as I walked through the deserted section and the lights turned on just before I approached the doors made me feel like I was in some kind of a Sci-Fi movie or something.  Anyway way, it was really cool and I commend Publix for their energy saving and fun-giving idea.  Where Shopping Is A Pleasure indeed…

3. I think that it is about time BP got that oil well capped.  I realize that I have no idea the difficulty that the leak provided, but I would think that if you are going to drill, you should have a plan for sorting it out if it goes wrong.  Kinda makes me wonder what exactly else in this world do we figure has a plan but really does not?  Actually, I think maybe I’d rather not dwell on that…

4. I think that I’ll remember this summer for a lot of things (World Cup, Wimbledon, the heat, Honeymoon) but one of them will be my rediscovery of Television shows.  I hate reality TV (save Deadliest Catch and that’s about it…) and refuse to watch shows like American Idol or all of the spin-offs.  And since grad school started 4 years ago, I basically just cut out TV of my life.  But this summer my wife has gotten me into some really good shows that I enjoy.  Lie to Me and Criminal Minds are my favorites, but Royal Pains, The Good Guys (my Dad’s favorite), Rizolli and Isles, and The Glades are all prominent on the list too.  I never got into Mad Men so I’m not all excited about their return, but I am encouraged to see that people are using their brains again and developing new shows that are good and somewhat mentally stimulating.

5. I think that it is weird to think about school starting back up and not having a place to go.  I’ve said all along when people asked me how it felt to graduate that it just felt like summer but that they should check in with me in the fall when I was not going back to school.  Well, fall is not quite here, but school supplies are in stores and people are talking about school and I’m starting to feel weird.  We’ll see how things go once classes start up again, but for now I’m feeling pretty good about being done…now if I can just find a great job to use this degree…

Bonus. I think that it is great to have another niece.  My sister-in-law Kelly gave birth to little Merritt 11 days ago and we’ve been enjoying hanging out with her ever since.  There are few things as sweet as a small infant and Merritt is so sweet and cute.  Kristen loves being an aunt and is well on her way to achieving greatest aunt ever status.  Congrats to Casey and Kelly on their first child.  You guys made a cute baby!

And that is that.  Enjoy the rest of your week and try to stay cool.  It’s hot out there.

Love and Sweatpants.


One thought on “The Week That Was

  1. Dad says:

    Regarding the last line of #3. I think most of us really, seriously don’t want to think about it. The hazards of the world as we know it are paralyzingly scary enough.

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