The Week That Was

Another week has passed, so I’m here to report on all the happenings in the life of Sam, for your entertainment or general boredom, or maybe a little of both.

Music That I Am Listening To and Enjoying – Some old favorites like Copeland and Jars of Clay, and some new stuff like The Henry Clay People and Hockey.  But mostly I’ve been listening to the Vuvuzelas from South Africa as I watch the World Cup games and the incessant horn noise fills the background.

Customer Service Moment of the Week – I had a discussion with another barista from another store last week and we decided that there is a general downward trend in terms of customer response towards baristas.  Case in point: Last week I had a customer call corporate offices and spend 35 minutes on the phone with them because I did not put a sleeve on their drink.  Even though the tray of sleeves was right next to where I set the drink and there is no company mandate that I do so, this man proceeded to lose his mind and waste half of his morning on the phone with a poor person in Seattle.  This is getting ridiculous.

Sports Moment of the Week – I’m finally able to talk about the loss.  But before the terrible loss suffered on Saturday, there was the greatest comeback on Wednesday.  So the moment of the week has to be Landon Donovan putting the ball in the back of the net in the 91st minute to take the U.S from out of the Cup to winning their group.  To say that my friends and I celebrated raucously would be an understatement.  It was pandemonium in the Davis living room.  Followed up on Saturday by 45 minutes of silence after we crashed out of the World Cup in a mismanaged wreck.  Despondent may be too strong of a word, but it is not far off.  However, the U.S did not deserve to win a game where they had multiple chances and could not convert.

Honorable mention in this space goes to John Isner and Nicholas Mahut who, by any measure available, played the most epic tennis match ever.  Longest, most points, most aces, most games, all of it.  I still cannot wrap my mind around a 3 day match with a fifth set that ended 70-68.  That is 10 times a normal fifth set score, or equal to 90 innings of baseball, 40 quarters of football, or an extra 10 hours of basketball.  Ridiculous, and not surprising that Isner went out in straight sets in his next match.  I bet he slept for days afterward.

Books and Movies of the Week – Couple of movies and a book to report on.  We watched Couples Retreat again this week and was again reminded how hilariously funny that movie is, and that there is a pretty good message with it too.  we also watched an indie movie called TiMER which was really smart and funny.  It tackles questions of love and knowing the future in an interesting and poignant way.

Video of the Week – HT to Allen for showing this political parody to me.  Pretty funny.  And trust me, the weird door thing is in the real ones…

5 Things I Think I Think

1. I think that the officiating in this World Cup is leaving a lot to be desired.  Both matches yesterday had goals that should and should not have been allowed respectively, to say nothing of the U.S getting jobbed twice in group play.  I know human errors are part of the game, but still, when the technology is there, I think that they’ve got to figure out a way to make it work.

2. I think that my wonderful wife, who is currently battling a nasty cold, was the MFP from our church’s Vacation Bible School last week.  At the end of each night she would go out on the lawn with all the little kids and play Sharks with them, chasing them until hardly anyone could run.  And then, as soon as we saw some of those kids this Sunday, they wanted to play Sharks with her.  So she wins the Most Favorite Person award.

3. I think that I’m ready for our honeymoon.  As you might recall, Kristen and I were married in March and took a premoon to Savannah, Ga for the weekend before returning for work and school.  But now, on Friday, we are leaving for the legitimate honeymoon to Peter Island in the British Virgin Islands.  My understanding is that Peter Island is a deserted island with just the resort on it, nothing else, with plenty of opportunities for rest and relaxation.  I’m ready for some serious spa and beach time and I’ll give a full report when we return late next week.

4. I think that lost in the perfect storm of sports (the two weeks of Wimbledon and World Cup every four years) is the College World Series, a spectacular event that provides all kinds of sports drama for the baseball fan.  Omaha, NE will host the final of South Carolina against UCLA for the last game ever in Rosenblat Stadium.  Good theater if you can catch it.

5. I think that there are more birthday shout-outs from last week and some other celebrations for today.  Kristen, my loving and long-suffering wife who has put up with me and all my sports all summer long had a birthday on Thursday, and then my oldest sister Heidi had her birthday yesterday, celebrating in South Africa where she and her family are missionaries.  Happy Birthday to both of you and I love you both very much.  Also celebrating today is one of my best friends Richard, who, other than my parents, is probably the most influential person in my life.  And Happy Anniversary to Drew and Tina, who got married on a rainy Saturday in Sarasota 7 years ago today.  Lots of celebrating going on around me for some of the people closest to me!

So there you go.  I’ll be gone next week so your Monday routine will be messed up, but I’ll be back later in the week.

Love and Sweatpants.


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