Sam’s Choice – Starbucks Via

Full disclosure here:  I work for Starbucks Coffee Company.  But, I am anything but a corporate stooge and would actually probably be considered one of the more cynical partners around, always ready to share a dissenting opinion when I think there is a bad decision made (See tea lattes, dark cherry mochas, orange mochas…and for further evidence of my Starbuckian thought, look here).

But, with the instant coffee called Via that launched about a year ago, Starbucks totally nailed it.  Via is an instant coffee that is microground, meaning that it dissolves in the hot water or milk and is actually made from coffee, unlike other instant coffees.  Now this came out about a year ago, but I was not really all that excited about it until I got married.  Kristen and I have differing opinions about coffee.  She likes lighter roasts and flavors, while I prefer dark coffee with cream and sugar.  This means that whoever got up first and made the coffee made it to suit their own taste and the other person was left wanting.

Enter Via.  The solution for me was that I would take the coffee that Kristen had made and add Via to it.  This gave it a much bolder flavor and provided the taste that I really like.  For Kristen we bought flavored creamers that dilute the darkness of the coffee I make and add the flavor that she likes.  I’ve even been known to make her a cup of Via late at night to help her stay up and finish her work , which she really enjoyed.

Via is also great for times (commercial alert) when you just want a single cup of coffee or need to take it somewhere like the office or camping.  I’ve definitely used it for a late afternoon pick-me-up before class and can’t say enough good about it.  It is also really good iced, and Starbucks is about to release a new pre-sweetened Iced Via that I tried today and is pretty good.  So, if you are looking for a boost to your dull office coffee, your weak hotel coffee, or just need an easy way to get some coffee without a full pot, try some Via.  You’ll like it I do believe.  10 packs of Via are $9.95 and 3 packs are $2.95, all of which are available in any Starbucks location or your local grocer.  Enjoy!


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