The Week That Was

It is a muggy and hot Monday morning and I’m sitting here blogging while eating some cereal and watching World Cup action, Denmark against The Netherlands.  Have I mentioned that I love the World Cup?

Music That I Am Listening To and Enjoying – Lots of Sea and Cake, Field Music, School of Language, Lovedrug, and Pinback.  Just been one of those kinds of weeks.

Customer Service Moment of the Week – Further ridiculousness from people at Starbucks.  This week I was accused of discrimination because I told someone that I did not care whether or not they ordered a drink and that they could sit in the cafe as long as they wanted, drink or no drink.  To me that seems the opposite of it, but I’m not looking for a reason to cry foul under every rock and counter.  If you’re looking for it, you’ll find it.  And apparently the word is out to find racism at Starbucks.

Sports Moment of the Week – Has to be the US draw against England in the World Cup, which featured one of the softest goals I’ve ever seen at any level.  But there was also the debut of Stephen Strasburg, pitching phenom for the Washington Nationals, and a first at bat, first pitch in the majors Grand Slam by Daniel Nava.  But the World Cup tops it all, especially with the first goal being scored by the South African team on their home soil.

Books and Movies of the Week – We went and saw Robin Hood last night, which was really, really good.  It is a prequel of sorts and sets the stage for the Robin Hood stories that people are familiar with.  Ridley Scott and Russell Crowe definitely have the old-time action genre down.

Video of the Week – You know I love creative videos and ideas and this is one of the best.  Stick with it, because the amount of planning that went into this proposal is unreal.

5 Things I Think I Think

1. I think that it is unbearably hot here right now.  At 9 in the morning it is 87 already.  Ridiculous.  We can barely keep our house cool and our A/C is running almost full-time.  Not good for the old power bill…

2. I think that the feast of sport that is the World Cup is about the greatest thing in the world.  Soccer on all day and featuring the best players in the world.  It is something to behold and it’s just getting started…

3. I think that my incredible wife showed herself amazing once again last week.  I sprained my ankle on Tuesday night and spent the better part of the week on the couch with my ankle wrapped and iced.  She tirelessly got me stuff (aided by her sister and mom who are in town) and generally nursed me back to health.  And I’m not the easiest patient…

4. I think that my hobby of collecting soccer jerseys from all around the world is paying off.  So far I’ve been able to wear a France, Germany, and U.S. jersey during their respective games.  I bypassed the England jersey since I was definitely rooting for the US, but if England advances, I’ll pull one on for them.  Yet to make an appearance are Italy and Ghana, plus all of the other ones that I have that are not in the World Cup (Venezuela, Colombia).  And in case you are wondering, so far I’m 1-0-2 for the teams I’ve worn jerseys for.  If you are keeping score at home, that means I’m undefeated.  Teams should pay me to watch their games in their jerseys…

5. I think that there are few things more tasty than produce from your own garden.  Kristen and I have a flourishing herb garden going and this week harvested our first tomatoes.  They were small (like cherry tomatoes) even though we thought we got a regular sized plant and the skin on them was really thick and tough.  But, those things aside, they were unbelievable delicious and I can’t wait for the next crop to be ready.

And that’s all I’ve got.  Have a wonderful week and do your best to stay cool out there.  Figuratively and literally.

Love and Sweatpants.


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