2nd half Running Blog – USA vs England World Cup

And I’m back, albeit 5 minutes late thanks to Chili’s terrible service…I was ignored by everyone there.  Could have stolen my food and walked out 3 times over.  Almost did, but I’m honest.  You’re welcome Mr. Chilis.

2:44 – Rooney is looking like he’s taking this game personally and is trying to get going…not real good for us.

2:45 – Remarks from JAcob across the pond in England – you won’t believe this, but iTV, the channel showing it here, cut out for 15 seconds in the first 5 minutes, the same 15 seconds that England scored their goal
[6/12/10 2:21:33 PM] Jacob Simmons: it was the Heide bowl all over again
[6/12/10 2:32:04 PM] Jacob Simmons: stepping outside…
[6/12/10 2:35:36 PM] Jacob Simmons: Remarks for the first half… US got a gift that they didn’t necessarily deserve, but will help settle them down
[6/12/10 2:36:04 PM] Jacob Simmons: Glad england’s used two subs now, which means that we have a chance to up the pace in the second half (Carragher for King)
[6/12/10 2:36:39 PM] Jacob Simmons: DeMerit’s hands anre better than Robbie Green’s
[6/12/10 2:37:15 PM] Jacob Simmons: England’s the better team, but if US can keep possession like they did in first half for a while, we’ve got a shot

2:45 – Good grief.  Gooch got used by Hesky and Howard saves the day.  I told you he was vital for our chances.

2:48 – Questionable offside call but I’ll take it…

2:49 – Second half predictions – I think that the pace will quicken, which favors England since thye have more skill, and I think that our shaky defense gives up a breakaway that either results in a goal or a set piece (free kick or corner) that costs us.  However, the longer it stays tied, the more England will tighten up, since for them a draw is a loss and for us a draw is a win.  If it’s tied after 85 minutes, all bets are off.

2:52 – Second half England sub Carragher draws the yellow for his foul on Findley.

2:54 – Dempsey fouled for a free kick in a dangerous spot and Gerrard now with a yellow.  Harkes stating that momentum is favoring the US.

2:55 – Bocanegra just misses putting away a difficult header.

2:56 – Good to hear the Gooch calls even in South Africa after Onyewu gets a huge header and looks like he almost knocks himself out.

2:56 – Shot by Howard on Lampard that goes out for an England corner.  Howard’s too good to get beaten from there.

2:57 – Sigh of relief as Johnson misses an open shot…

2:58 – Jozy bangs it off the POST!  HOLY COW that was close.  That is a good omen if Jozy can get going.

2:59 – Glen Johnson sent off for blood.  USA plays a man up for a few moments until he gets taken care of…

3:00 pm – Bad foul in our end as Johnson comes back on…and Lampard skies it over.

3:02 – Good chance by England in the US end as pressure is mounting.  I’d be lying if I said my heart wasn’t pounding…

3:03 – Wow, Rooney wide open on a header and he can’t get up to get it…that was not good for the US.

3:04 – Findley breaks free and gets pushed down and goes down easy.  He needs to fight through there.  Great chance wasted for the US.

3:05 – And now a yellow on Findley for a foul on Gerrard.  Quick restart for England and Rooney just pushes it wide.  Almost caught us napping…

3:07 – Another huge save by Howard!  HE is the man!

3:07 – And again…Howard!  Rooney is absolutely terrifying me right now.

3:08 – More pressure on the US.  Hesky just misses a header.  Sub of Buddle for Findley.  I like it.  Buddle is on fire and Findley looked overmatched.

3:09 – Eventually this pressure is going to break through.  US needs to get the ball out of their end for a sustained amount of time here.

3:10 – Peter Crouch in for Heskey.  Crouch might be 6′ 10″.  He looks like an ostrich.  But he can play.

3:11 – Terrible give away by England and Buddle almost makes them pay.  10 minutes to go…

3:12 – US looks happy to defend and get the draw, while England is attacking and really looks like they want the win.  This is perfect recipe for a counter-attack…question is, can we get it?

3:13 – Four on two for England is broken up…my heart was in my throat.

3:14 – Holden in for Jozy here.  Looks like the US will go into a defensive shell.  Good game from Jozy after the question whether or not he’d play.

3:15 – Crouch gets another header.  Have I mentioned he’s tall?

3:16 – Great series by Gooch.  I wasn’t sure he’d be ready, but he’s been good other than the opening goal.  Seems to be fit and healthy and hopefully will get better as the tourney goes on.

3:17 – Long shot by Donovan goes over.  1 minute til stoppage time.

3:19 – Out for a US corner…looking good here.  Pressure is on for England….come on boys!

3:20 – 4 minutes added time and a wasted corner…

3:20 – Good sustained pressure by the US but hope it does not lead to a counter attack goal.

3:21 – Offsides by Crouch.  2 Minutes to go…

3:22 – Shot  by Dempsey deflected out…it was speculative at best.

3:23 – Dempsey off for a sub but the ref calls the game!  It’s a draw!  1-1 and a huge point in the group stage for the US!

Man of the match is Tim Howard.  He kept the US in the game and denied a few good England chances.  Let’s hope his hand is ok.  We get Slovenia on Friday.

Here are mine and Jacob’s thoughts after the game:

[6/12/10 3:25:48 PM] Jacob Simmons: A tie really is like kissing your sister
[6/12/10 3:26:36 PM] Sam Fielder: I’ll take it.  It’s a win for us and a loss for them.  Green and Capello are gonna get crucified in the press…
[6/12/10 3:26:45 PM] Jacob Simmons: I’m pumped about it
[6/12/10 3:27:10 PM] Jacob Simmons: It sucks that we had a great chance in the second half on Jozy’s shot
[6/12/10 3:27:23 PM] Sam Fielder: Seriously, that was soooooo close.
[6/12/10 3:27:25 PM] Jacob Simmons: but I have to remember that Howard was amazing in goal and stopped 4 of their chances
[6/12/10 3:27:43 PM] Sam Fielder: Yeah, Tim Howard is totally the man.  He was definitely the difference
[6/12/10 3:27:59 PM] Jacob Simmons: And Onyewu played fantastic for first game back
[6/12/10 3:28:15 PM] Jacob Simmons: if felt like Bradley didn’t want to take anybody out because they had lots of confidence
[6/12/10 3:28:21 PM] Sam Fielder: Except for the first goal…looked like a miscommunication
[6/12/10 3:28:31 PM] Sam Fielder: Yeah, and I’m ok with that.
[6/12/10 3:28:49 PM] Sam Fielder: Our bench is not really full of super subs…
[6/12/10 3:29:17 PM] Jacob Simmons: yeah. especially not in defense or ball control
[6/12/10 3:29:49 PM] Jacob Simmons: it seems like they don’t have any subs that can come in and control the ball any better than our top 11
[6/12/10 3:29:56 PM] Jacob Simmons: but they do have subs with speed up front
[6/12/10 3:30:35 PM] Sam Fielder: Definietly not.  Yeah, Gomez and Buddle are the best options off the bench but they’re goal scorers not posession guys.  I think Bradley managed it well.
[6/12/10 3:30:47 PM] Sam Fielder: And I want to kiss Clint Dempsey
[6/12/10 3:30:48 PM] Jacob Simmons: yeah. not complaints here
[6/12/10 3:30:55 PM] Jacob Simmons: i would. he’s dreamy
[6/12/10 3:31:09 PM] Sam Fielder: Kristen loves him.  HE’s her favorite player
[6/12/10 3:31:31 PM] Jacob Simmons: understandable
[6/12/10 3:31:48 PM] Jacob Simmons: it’ll be good to get a victory next game
[6/12/10 3:31:52 PM] Sam Fielder: Just saw some girl in the stands in a custom US jersey numbered “69”.  You stay classy
[6/12/10 3:32:02 PM] Sam Fielder: Yeah, that is definitely a must win game

So after seeing the highlights again, both teams played a solid game and the Dempsey goal was absolutely terrible.  But it’s lucky and I’ll take it.  Rooney was quiet and got shut down, which was great and bodes well for the US team defense.  Kudos to Jay Demerrit.  Mike Tirco just called Rob Green Bill Buckner.  He’s really going to hear it from the Brits…so, that’s all for now, thanks for indulging me.  I’ll hopefully have people around for the next game so I’ll have all my comments for them.  Until then, USA!


4 thoughts on “2nd half Running Blog – USA vs England World Cup

  1. Isom says:

    Nice job… I think your wrong about the subs though. I think tores has to play.. Ricardo clark is horrible. Maybe even edu but get clark out of there. Id say that is a pretty big point and one of the best matches possession wise we have played in a long time. If we take care of business In the next two matches we could have a good shot at the last 8

  2. Agreed that Clark does not impress, but Torres has not really impressed me. I’d be open to that change though. But yes, definitely a huge point and a great chance to move on for us.

  3. Isom says:

    I thought tores was our best midfielder against Czech and turkey. Clark has never done anything rood in any match i have ever seen and it was his mark that scored today

  4. Rewatched the goal and you are totally right. Not only was Clark a good 5 yards off Gerrard on the goal, but he was not ball side either. Defense was confused there for sure, but he blew it and bears the responsibility for that. Maybe Torres gets a start on Friday.

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