The Week That Was

And another week goes by and into the books.  Pretty uneventful here in the Fielder house, for the first time in what seems like ages…so, onto the stuff.

Music That I Am Listening To and Enjoying – It’s been a Joe Purdy morning, but a recent change has been made to the new Lovedrug EP +/-.  Augustana has gotten a lot of play lately as well, in addition to the new The National record and the new Damien Jurado song.  Nothing too exciting, but that’s how it goes.

Customer Service Moment of the Week – We survived Frappy Hour all last week.  In case you missed it, from 3-5pm it was Frappuccino Happy Hour at Starbucks with all Frapps at 1/2 off.  Suffice it to say we were really busy.  I did get the privilege of remaking someone’s drink last week because it was not hot enough (maybe had something to do with the 2 quarts of half anf half dumped into the Americano…), and then had to listen to her and the most annoying regular ever talk about me and my “bad attitude” for the next hour and a half at the end of the bar.  Seriously, it took every ounce of self-control I possess not to walk down there, tell them both how moronic they both were, and then ask if they really thought that I was stupid enough not to know that they were talking about me and how much better than me they were.  Are you kidding me?

Sports Moment of the Week – The Philadelphia Flyers accomplished a feat that only 4 professional sports teams have ever done last Friday.  They came back to win a best of 7 series in which they trailed 3-0.  They beat the Boston Bruins, who folded like a cheap tent and are now scheduling tee times for the off-season instead of playing for Lord Stanley’s Cup.  Also, Germany’s World Cup hopes took a significant hit yesterday when Michael Ballack, their captain and playmaker went down with an ankle injury and will now miss the World Cup.

Books and Movies of the Week – We watched Inglourious Basterds last night and I have to say that I was not as big of a fan as I thought that I would be.  The movie was mildly funny but pretty gory and just felt disjointed to me.  Of course, this could have been because of the multiple interruptions due to phone calls and dogs and the like, but either way, I was not captivated.

Video of the Week –  Yes, this had bad idea written all over it.  And yet, you have to watch it to see how it ends…

5 Things I Think I Think

1. I think that what was intended to be an enjoyable sunny Sunday afternoon at the local minor league baseball game was cut short by a significant downpour.  However, the home team was up by 8 at that point and the game was pretty much in hand, so it was ok.  And Kristen got a great Sunday afternoon nap aided by the rain, so it all worked out for the best.

2. I think that playing with the faces and places features on iPhoto is so much fun.  It has face recognition software that picks people’s faces out of your pictures and it also has a mapping feature whereby you are able to mark the location of the picture, or set of pictures on map.  And yes, I did spend a significant period of my morning today playing with this feature…

3. I think that our dog Parker, is too smart for our good.  We forgot a package of rawhides on the stove, which Parker promptly helped herself to while we were at church yesterday.  She then proceeded to hide them around the house, like in one of Kristen’s school bags, in the closet under some shoes, under a pile of towels on the linen shelf, and so forth.  We discovered the evidence later when we found those areas “dug up” or, in the case of the towels, when Parker was barking at them because the treat had fallen against the wall and she could not get it.  Ridiculous.

4. I think I might have a new favorite restaurant.  Kristen and I tried out Nothing But Noodles the other day and it was great.  As the title suggests, there are nothing but noodle dishes served there, though the range from Oriental to Italian.  I had the basil pesto and it was amazing.   Kristen got the Pad Thai which was great as well, since I ate the leftovers…definitely good enough for a return trip to try some other dishes.  Check it out if you have one where you are.

5. I think that the mosquitoes in our back deck/yard area are thick and mean.  Kristen and I both got a ton of bites while only being out there for a few minutes.  That’s the bad news.  The good news is that I am working on getting rid of them, and the other good news is that they do not follow me to the pool, which is a few steps away and almost ready to open for the summer.  And I’m ready for it too.

There you go.  Enjoy your week and check back later for more banality and ridiculousness from my life.

Love and Sweatpants.


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