Sam’s Choice: Dyson Ball Animal Vacuum

When Kristen and I got engaged we made a list of things that we needed to make our home complete.  It was a short list, containing two things: A set of good knives and a great vacuum.  See, we’d both been single and accumulating for a long time, so we really only needed those two vital things.  We definitely upgraded some stuff over the course of our registry and subsequent gift receiving, but those two were the musts.  And, because we have two dogs, we knew that we needed a vacuum that would not only do a good job with all of the usual stuff, but with pet hair as well.  After some deliberation and research we decided on the Dyson Animal Vacuum, equipped with the ball for easier turning.

Pictured: Dirt's Worst Enemy

I can’t say enough good things about this vacuum.  After getting it in the mail before the wedding, I immediately opened it (after calling Kristen and asking if itwas ok…to which she graciously let me) and vacuumed my room.  I was simultaneously amazed and disgusted by home much dirt and grossness it picked up.  And this is in a room that I had done fairly well in keeping up with vacuuming.  Simply stated, this vacuum is amazing.

It used to be that vacuuming felt like a chore to me, mostly because it is.  But with the addition of the Animal to our home, not only do I volunteer to vacuum, I actually look forward to it.  The agility of the vacuum feels like I’m driving a sports car around the house and the suction power is unparalleled.  When I’m done vacuuming the carpet feels a lot plusher and looks a lot cleaner, which is good since that is what the thing is designed to do.  There are an assortment of tools that come with the Animal and the release of the hose to use the crevice tools could not be easier (once I figured it out…just pull straight up on the red release top…).  All in all, this is a great vacuum that is well worth the significant investment that you will make, especially if you have pets.

So here’s the breakdown:

Ease of use, both in pushing throughout the house and using attachments.
Above average cleaning ability.
Ease of emptying the canister.
Light weight makes transport easy.
Powered brush devours dirt but can be turned off for hard floors.

My only complaint is that the hose is not nearly long enough.  Once you get it out of the body of the vacuum it is difficult to maneuver unless you are trying to get something right above or below you.  The attachments help somewhat, but it is still awkward.

So all in all, the Dyson Animal Ball Vacuum is a great addition to any cleaner’s arsenal, especially a home with pets and messy husbands.


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