Sam’s Choice: Murray’s Superior Pomade

This is the first in what I hope will be a new regular series here on Fielder’s Choice.  The idea is that semi-regularly I’ll choose a product or item that I use and endorse and tell you about it, how I use it and why I like it.  And then maybe you will discover a new product and it will change your life forever…or maybe just something you did not know about.

So today’s first product is Murray’s Superior Pomade.  I’ve been using it off and on for my hair for about 7 years now.  A friend in college introduced it to me and despite trying out literally a dozen of other hair products, I keep coming back to Murray’s.  The main reason that I like it so much is that it gives great hold without crunchiness and if you use just a little bit you have minimal shine.  Your hair has a naturally styled look that is pretty easy to get.  For me, the key is making sure not to get too much on my hands or in my hairs, as this stuff is thick and greasy and will make my hair look the same.

The versatility of this stuff is great too.  You can make your hair stand straight up or sit down.  It can be used to slick things back or to spice things up.  I assume it is good for all kinds of hair, but that is just speaking for my hair, which is pretty thick and sometimes tough to control.  But if you’re looking for a good hair product that will not leave your hair too crunchy or shiny, or if you just like old school hair products that come in tins, Murray’s is your best bet.  And they even have a great website too.  Check it out at Murray’s.


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