The Wedding That Was

Dad and I at the start

So I’m married.  And I could not be happier.  The wedding went off perfectly and everything was as wonderful as it could be.  We got married in Fernandina Beach, FL, on Amelia Island, in front of a small group of friends and family.  It was wonderful to be surrounded by so many people that we know and love and who have made us the people that we are today.  Chances are, if you are reading this, you were not there, but rest assured that we still value your impact in our lives as well, we just had a small wedding.

Kissing my Bride

I wore a wheat colored J.Crew suit with a green/yellow/blue madras tie from J.Press while Kristen wore a beautiful long flowing white dress with pockets (I’ll not do it justice in the description of it, so you’ll have to check out her blog when she posts details).  Our fathers performed the ceremony for us and that was the entire wedding party, just us and our dads.  Since the guest list was so small, it kind of felt like everyone was a part of it, which was exactly what we wanted.  Most people were barefoot on the sand and we were married underneath an arbor that my Dad and Uncle and I had built a few days beforehand.  The sky was perfect and cloudless, not too hot but not cold at all.  Really, it was perfect.

We rode to our reception on the back of a red mustang convertible driven by Kristen’s grandfather and then enjoyed hanging out while eating cupcakes and chips and salsa and drinking Coke out of bottles.  It was great.

Riding Away

We also had more custom M&M’s given to us by Kristen’s office, so everyone enjoyed those as well.  Our reception was on the patio of the a hotel in Fernandina and included a fire pit and a putting green.  So for those keeping score at home, we were barefoot on the beach, had a fire, and golf.  All in all, things were entirely perfect.

We spent the weekend in Savannah, GA relaxing and enjoying the sights there while on our PreMoon (kinda like a honeymoon, only shorter and not the full honeymoon.  That is coming later).  And now were back and Kristen is at work and I’m putting off doing homework.  Life begins again.

Here are a few more pictures to give you an idea of what things looked like and I’ll post more as I get them.

Love and Sweatpants.

Wedding Cupcakes

Yes, M&M's are a huge part of our story


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