Wedding Music

Sorry for not posting earlier.  I’ve had a killer cold and was laid up all weekend.  But have no fear, Kristen has posted all things wedding here for you to read…but I’m adding my own wedding thought here.

If you know me at all  (why would you be ready this banality if not?), then you know I love music. I listen to music all the time, whether reading, studying (which might explain low grades…), washing the car, exercising, showering, really just about anything.  I believe anything is made better with music. So it should come as no surprise that I am agonizing over the musical selections for the wedding. Not the ceremony itself, since that has been figured out, but the reception and the take away.

You see, music is special for Kristen and me. Our first post-high school encounter was centered around it. I came up with the brilliant (I thought so…) idea that we meet up over a cup of coffee and exchange mix CD’s that we’d made each other. It was really just a ploy to get her to meet me, but 13 months later with a ring on her finger, I’d say it worked. And I’ve made her about 10 Cd’s since. So to say I take mixes seriously would be correct. And I consider these wedding ones the most important mixes I’ve ever made (at this point I imagine Kristen rolling her eyes and listing off all the things about the wedding she is/has worried about and thinking I’m a moron for worrying about music and not more important things…so Kristen, I’m sorry.), so I want them to be exactly perfect. I want people to listen to songs they did not know that move them and remind them of loving and of me and Kristen. And I realize that this is a tall order.  Music is a pretty subjective thing.  I’d like to think that I have impeccable musical taste, save for a few guilty pleasures.  And since we’re inviting only a few people to the wedding and they are mostly family, I think that it is a tall order.

But I’m up to the task.  I think that I’ve created the finest reception mix (I’ve even got a fantastic title for it) around but I’m really struggling with the take away CD.  I keep changing directions with it, not bring sure what I am really trying to do with it.  So I went to iTunes the other day to check out their wedding music selections.  It was pretty bad.  They had all different kinds based on your taste and style, but when I clicked on the ones that I thought would appeal to me, they did not.  I then realized that this mix, along with everything in our wedding was designed to help us celebrate our love for each other and the joining of our lives together into one.  It is subjective and individual because that is what we are as people.

So all that to say I’m still working on it.  The mix is coming together, but it is still not a masterpiece yet.  I’ll publish it to iTunes when it is and share the link here, but for now, just listen to the songs that move you and make you move.  It’ll be better that way.  I promise.


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