The Week That Was

This was a strange week.  It went by faster than I thought, but Saturday night capped the strangeness.  I got a call from a Starbucks co-worker and found out that a co-worker and friend had passed away.  Shocking to say the least, especially having to then pass along the news to other friends who were closer than I was.  Never a pleasant task, but again a reminder that life is short, and that this is not how things are supposed to be.  God created a perfect world that has been damaged by sin’s entrance, and because of that, we now suffer the effects of death and disease.  Thankfully, God was not surprised by this and sent His only Son, who defeated sin and death once and for all.  As a result of this, all who have Jesus Christ as their Savior do not have to fear death, but instead know that death has no victory and no sting and is instead leads to a reunion of how things are supposed to be.

Sorry to start off on such a serious note, but this is where my mind has been for the last few days.  And, if you think of it this week, please keep the Karazim family in your prayers, especially on Tuesday night and Wednesday afternoon.  Thanks.

Now, onto the regular stuff.

Music That I Am Listening To and Enjoying – Nothing significant to report here.  I relistened to Wilco’s latest album, a fantastic offering, and then heard about an offer they have on their website, WilcoWorld, where they are giving away two free concert downloads in return for a donation to relief work in Haiti.  You should donate anyway, and I hope that you have, but if you have not, here is a little more motivation.

Customer Service Moment of the Week – While one of my coworkers was making a woman’s drink, she asked for more whip cream.  My coworker informed her that it would spill out the top if she added any more.  No problem stated the woman, she could handle it.  So more whip was added.  Which, predictably, resulted in the woman spilling the entire drink all over the counter when it came out the top when she tried to take the top off by squeezing the drink.  Just like my coworker said it would.  Look, I know we work at Starbucks, but we do actually know what we’re talking about.  Listen to us please.  It makes everyone’s life easier.

Sports Moment of the Week – There were a lot of sports going on this week.  The Australian Open is in full swing and I managed to catch a lot of it.  I fell asleep almost every night last week watching the live stream on my laptop.  In other sports, the U.S. Men’s National Soccer team’s B/C squad (only one projected starter for the World Cup even played) were beat down by Honduras in a tune-up match.  Hopefully we’ll get our act together before June, but a recent rash of injuries have left us looking less likely to advance.  We’ll see.  And then there were some football games.  The Saints and the Colts will play in Miami for the Super Bowl in two weeks, both having won yesterday.  Should be a good game.

Books and Movies of the Week – I recorded Talk to Me and The Simpsons Movie on DVR this week.  I enjoyed them both, for different reasons.  Talk to Me is about a revolutionary black DJ on the radio in D.C. in the late ’60’s.  It was funny and tragic all at the same time.  On the other hand, The Simpson’s Movie was predictable and everything that you’ve come to expect from the series.  But there were some funny moments and it was entertaining.

Video of the Week – We’ve done some creative things (by we I mean Kristen) for our wedding, but this is a little over the top.  Pretty funny though.

5 Things I Think I Think

1. I think that I’m not ready to start school, but I am ready to get my final semester underway.  It will be a busy semester, but hopefully a good one as well.  I’m looking forward to my classes and I think that they’ll be not only challenging, but beneficial as well.

2. I think I’m amazed that they pulled a man out of the rubble in Haiti after 11 days.  Apparently, he survived on sips of soda and other than being dehydrated and hungry, was not really injured.  I find that totally incredible.

3. I think that I’m pretty close to getting a new computer.  Pretty excited about that.  Should happen within the next two weeks, so I’ll be sure and keep you posted on that.

4. I think that Samsung nailed it with their Blu-Ray player.  Streaming Netflix and Pandora is incredible.  Kristen got it for me for Christmas and after finally getting all the cords and adapters figured out and purchased, we hooked it up last week.  And it is awesome.  I give it a hearty recommendation.

5. I think that the wind whipping outside today is nuts.  It is sunny and cold out there, as result of the front that moved through yesterday, dropping tons of rain.  Rivers were running through my backyard and street as the deluge poured.  And now, it looks nice, but it chilly.

And that’s all I have for this week.  As always, thanks for reading and have a great week.

Love and Sweatpants.


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