The Week That Was

So it’s been a while.  And really, I have no good excuse.  I’ve had plenty of time to blog, I’ve just not done it.  So I apologize for your lack of reading material in the past couple of weeks.  Hopefully I can draw you back in with charming and witty posts…

Music That I Am Listening To and Enjoying – Two weekends ago was Foo Fighters weekend on my TV.  HDNet broadcast their Skin and Bones concert DVD which was fantastic and informative as well as entertaining.  And then, Austin City Limits broadcast their Foo Fighters show, resulting in an all out Foo Blitz.  Watching them play only reinforced my feelings that they are not only an epic group of musicians, but they are cool guys that I’d like to hang out with.  That counts for a lot in my book.  No need for Diva Rock Stars here.  I like my rock stars down to earth and funny.  And Dave Grohl definitely fits that bill. I’ve also been listening to a lot of Jesse Payne as well.  And last, but not least, I’ve been working on some wedding playlists which has me coming my musical archives for the perfect songs.  I’m a little obsessive about my playlists and these promise to be epic.  I’ll share more later…

Customer Service Moment of the Week – I’ve spent the last two weeks adjusting to life in a new Starbucks, learning where the lids are kept and who all the regular customers are.  It’s been great to this point and I really think that I’ll enjoy the new store.  Much more relaxed and lowkey, which results in less stress for me, which I consider a good thing.  But I digress…onto the moment.  There is a couple  that used to be regulars at my old store and have made an appearance in this spot before (The Vivanno size discussion people) that were in the store a few nights ago.  They started arguing and the man packed up his things and headed out the door.  but before he did, he stopped and wished me and my co-worker a good night, then walked a few more steps, stopped and said “Just a piece of advice: Don’t ever get mixed up with a crazy lady.”  And then he walked out.  I stole a glance at the woman he had left at the table and she was crying.  AWKWARD…I pretended to be really, really busy as she walked out and then watched as they got in the same car together.  Apparently the conversation was long and successful as they stayed in the parking lot for a few hours but have been back together the past few nights.  But now I always fight off a laugh whenever they come in.

Sports Moment of the Week – In a time and age where athletes make headlines more for repeated infidelity and gun charges, it is refreshing to see athletes actually do something good with their fame.  Such was the case this weekend in Australia at the Australian Open.  As Roger Federer got wind of what was going on in Haiti, he talked to his agents and the facilities director about doing a benefit for Haiti the night before the tournament.  They got it all figured out and Saturday was Hit for Haiti, a fun exhibition that included most of the top men’s and women’s players.  They raised over $100,000, which I think is pretty good given the short notice they had.  And that is my top sports moment of the week, maybe even the month.

Books and Movies of the Week – I saw Avatar.  And while it was visually stimulating, the story was predictable, agenda filled, and so bad it was distracting.  I found myself thinking the whole time “They actually created a new way to do 3D for this crappy story?”  Had it not been 3D and fancy, it would have been horrendous.  If you see it, see it in 3D but do not rent the DVD for at home viewing.  You’ll be disappointed.  I also caught up on a lot of past movies that I’d missed and I really enjoyed both The Prestige and The Guardian.  Both movies drew you in through different means and provided surprise endings.  Away We Go was another movie that was seen, but I was not at impressed with it.  I liked it, but it was not great.  Funny though.

Video of the Week – A little background here:  There is a huge to do going on right now over late night talk shows.  Jay Leno has moved to 10pm but is getting horrible ratings.  Conan O’Brien took over The Tonight Show but is not doing as well as Leno did, so NBC is going to put Leno back on The Tonight Show.  This has everyone up in arms, including David Letterman on CBS and Jimmy Kimmel on ABC.  Last week Kimmel went on Leno’s show and answered some questions.  This is what happened…

I have to say, I think Kimmel is hilarious and Leno is a tool.

5 Things I Think I Think

1. I think that watching the destruction in Haiti provides everyone with a little perspective.  Life may be hard, but at least we aren’t digging out of rubble or wondering where we will get food and water.  If you have not yet donated to the relief efforts, please do so.  World Relief is a great agency that I personally trust to not only provide physical resources, but spiritual light as well.  But even if you choose to donate somewhere else, please do so, even in a small amount.  As Jesus said, “Whatsoever you did to the least of these, you did to me.” This is our chance, in the smallest way possible, to help the least of these.

2. I think that I’m glad that the really cold weather has passed.  We had 13 days where it was below 25 at some point, and my home is just not designed to withstand those cold temperatures.  It was space heater and jacket time inside, even with the heat running.  So I’m glad that it has finally warmed up.

3. I think that I’m not sure if I’m ready for school to start.  I’m looking forward to my classes, but I’ve really enjoyed the break.  But, this is my last semester, so I’m determined to enjoy it and to get the most out of my last few months at Beeson.  I’m not sure what happens next, but I’m trusting God to provide and lead, as He always has.

4. I think I’m grateful for men and women like Martin Luther King, Jr, who we celebrated today.  He was a pioneer and a leader, but one who strove for equality for all people in an era when that was a dangerous and unpopular idea.  I often wonder what I would have done had I lived here in Birmingham when all the Civil Rights things were going on.  I know that if that happened now, I’d be at the front leading the charge, but what is going on today that I am oblivious to, or even worse, accepting as normal that is just as large of an abomination as the segregation and racism was?  It really makes you think, which I believe is the best way to honor people like Dr. King.

5. I think that my To-Do-List gets longer and longer as my break gets shorter and shorter.  Not sure how that works, but there is a lot of stuff to do in the next week and not a lot of time to do it.  So here’s to being productive and knocking some of it out.

Thanks for reading and don’t forget to donate to Haiti and to check out the wedding blog.

Love and Sweatpants.


2 thoughts on “The Week That Was

  1. Sam – our cousin got a sports medicine fellowship in Birmingham, so he and his wife will be moving there in July. Will you still be around? They won’t so much know a lot of people and are probably really close to your age. But either way, would love your thoughts on good churches, things to do, etc to pass on to them.

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