The Week That Was

The sun has finally made a reappearance here after a few weeks, so while the Northeast digs out from under all the snow, we are enjoying crisp, cool sunshine.  I’ll take it, though I do like the snow.  I think that the gray and rain will be back soon though.

Music That I Am Listening To and Enjoying – Lots of Wilco lately and not really much else.  Still missing my main music source…

Customer Service Moment of the Week – I cannot describe to you (well, I’ll try here…) how unreal this situation was.  I had someone drive up to my window at Starbucks having skipped the speaker box (total pet peeve of mine) at 9:40pm at night last week (cafe closes at 9, drive-thru at 10, common knowledge and posted signs…).  She was rude from the get go and told me that she wanted 12 ten dollar gift cards.  I began ringing them up for her (which takes a while) and she started yelling at me from her car.  She wanted to know if we had sleeves for them to go in.  She was not happy with the option I presented her and starting yelling about other types.  I asked my manager to grab the sleeves for me as I was taking other orders (only in this woman’s mind was she the only person in the world) and swiping all her gift cards.  He did so and explained that we were out of the fancy sleeves so the small white one were her only option.  Not happy.  I finished and got her card and got everything sorted and completed the transaction only to have her wait and then yell “Thank you” to me.  I was inside, getting ready to take another order and to get the next customer in line ready, so I quickly mumbled “You’re Welcome” and tried to go on about my job.  She waited again and yelled “thank you”, then one more time.  I said “You’re Welcome”, louder this time, but ready to move on.  She then got mad (because she was not already…right.).  She told me that because I was so rude she did not want my cards and wanted me to cancel them and to take it all back.  I asked her what the problem was and she said that I did not tell her “You’re Welcome”.  I told her that I had, that she just did not hear me and then she really lost it.  She went off about how the cafe was locked and how rude everyone here was and on and on and on.  At this point I realized that nothing would placate her, so I called my manager over to void the transaction.  It took a while and she just got madder and madder, berating us about how rude we all were and how terrible this store was and how she would take her business to another Starbucks.  When the transaction was voided and my manager tried to give her the receipt, she balked, saying that she wanted him to sign it, not believing that the transaction was voided.  Her tried to explain to her that there was nothing for him to sign, but she was not having it.  He also told her that he was just trying to help her, but she yelled at him, “Well, you’re not and you are really rude.”  Yes ma’am, and your are the perfect image of politeness.  He scribbled something illegible on the receipt and she sped off on her way, a perfect rose among thorns (Read with intense sarcasm).  I’ve never seen someone get so mad over nothing and be so angry for no good reason.  I can’t help it that she did not hear me respond twice.  And I, contrary to popular belief, was not rude.  You stay classy drive-thru lady.  Show the world your winning personality and what politeness is all about.

Sports Moment of the Week – One of the last NFL undefeateds went down as the Saints lost Saturday night, and there were plenty of last second games yesterday.  But really, this is a pretty bland time of year for sports until the bowl games get cranking.  And it rightly should be.  People ought to be spending time with friends and families, not attending or participating in sporting events.  Have some perspective people.

Books and Movies of the Week – Couple of books and movies this week.  I watched Ashes of An American Flag, finally, after owning it for a good six months.  It is a concert/documentary DVD of Wilco, my favorite band and it is awesome.  I also watched Nothing Like the Holidays with Kristen, which was a great Christmas movie about family and the messiness of it all.  Funny and dramatic, just how I like it.  I also read a book called Off the Record, where a journalist reflected on her interviews with stars.  Pretty interesting retrospective that she put together about her experiences with them and how things turned out after her articles were published.  The other book I read was Johnny Cornflakes, a small little recollection of a Christmas spent in New England with a homeless man by one of my professors.  I really enjoyed it and found it to be entertaining and inspiring.

Video of the Week – You’ve probably already seen this, but the inventiveness of people and their Christmas lights always gets me.

5 Things I Think I Think

1. I think that I was reminded of the frailty of human life twice with celebrity deaths this past week.  Chris Henry, a football player, died Thursday after falling out of the back of a truck in a dispute with his fiance, and then Brittany Murphy passed away, apparently from natural causes.  I definitely feel for their respective families, but it just reminds me once again that we are frail and that God is the only one that can ultimately defeat death.

2. I think that I did better on my grades than I thought.  They were finally posted and they were higher than I thought that they might be, which is a good thing.  So I guess it was worth the wait.  One more semester to go.

3. I think that this is the week of birthdays.  Yesterday was the 13th birthday of Dancan Njiru Ndwiga, the child I sponsor through Compassion International, and today is my nephew Miles’ 2nd birthday.  Happy Birthday to both those guys.  Oh, and tomorrow is my last birthday in the 20’s…

4. I think that everyone is doing all kinds of year/decade in review stuff from blogs to newsites to TV channels. The one of the most interesting ones I saw was the top catch phrases from the 2000’s.  #1?  That’s what she said.  With the caveat that it is used sparingly…

5. I think that I’ve enjoyed the Christmas season more this year than in many, many years past.  There are a lot of things that have combined to make that so, but special thanks to my wonderful fiance Kristen for helping me get into the spirit by doing things like shopping, decorating, listening to Christmas music, watching Christmas movies, and making Christmas cookies.  It’s been a good year to celebrate the birth of our Savior and to reflect on the many blessings God has given us.

So enjoy the holidays this week, wherever they may find you, with whomever you may be celebrating.  Thanks for reading and have a great week.

Love and Sweatpants.


3 thoughts on “The Week That Was

  1. great observations sam. say what you will, but this year has really made me like ochocinco. i got the feeling he was really truly hurting with the passing of chris henry. his celebrations this year have also been off the hook. glad that you are having a good christmas season, i can say the same. i can tell you that the most worn out phrase of 2009 in our house coincides with the #1 of the decade you mentioned above. hope you had a great birthday!

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