The Week That Was

So I’m back to writing my weekly update.  Things are finally slow enough in my life that I can actually get around to it.  And I have a couple of other post ideas, so be sure and check back later this week.  And since it is gray and rainy here in Alabama, I’ll have plenty of time…but I digress.  Here’s what you are here for.

Music That I Am Listening To and Enjoying – I posted my songs of 2009 list last week, so those have been in pretty heavy rotation since the iMac is still down.  Not sure when or how I’m getting a replacement, but I’m going a little crazy without it right now…

Customer Service Moment of the Week – I had a Starbucks customer stammer around at the drive-thru speaker wondering out loud what her regular drink was, then ordered the wrong drink and corrected herself by saying that she did not usually get that.  Insanity comes in all shapes and forms people.  I also had an older lady at J.Crew get mad that we did not have the special printer that writes out your check for you.  Really?  You choose to use checks and then get mad because you have to fill it out?  People are ridiculous.

Sports Moment of the Week – Nothing of real note on my radar here.  A Heisman was won, but I did not really care since I’m not really a fan of any of the candidates.  College basketball is in full swing but I’m more of a March Madness guy.  Pro football is still going but the Niners play tonight and I’m working.  So it is a big goose egg for me on the sports front.  Thankfully there is enough other stuff going on to keep me occupied.

Books and Movies of the Week – I’m hoping to get some good reading done this week as I have a little more off time.  I watched License to Wed and it was pretty cringe worthy, though in a good way.  However, last week I did see Fantastic Mr. Fox and I totally loved it.  Wes Anderson put his stamp all over it and totally nailed it.  Favorite move in a long time for sure.  I’ve also been watching ESPN’s 30 for 30, a series of documentaries about sports events they’ve made in honor of their 30th anniversary.  They are phenomenal and I highly recommend catching them if you can.

Video of the Week – A little Christmas humor here for you.  This will be in your head all day…

5 Things I Think I Think

1. I think that I am a little tired of the cold, foggy, drizzly, and rainy weather.  Now I like cold as much as anyone, but this is just getting ridiculous.  It’s one thing when there is snow, but this constant drizzle has got to go.  It’s like someone left a faucet on somewhere and it is just dripping constantly.

2. I think that if my school waits any longer to post my final grades I’ll not even check them.  Seriously, I took my last final a week and a half ago and either I’m a moron and am looking in the wrong place or nothing has been posted yet.  I’m going with the latter but not ruling out the former.  Either way though, I’m almost over it.

3. I think I’ve never had so much trouble trying to tell people what I want for Christmas.  Everything I like is either prohibitively expensive or totally ridiculous.  But just for fun, if I was making a non-cost/ridiculous list, it’d include the following: A new iMac, a new toilet (the one in my bathroom needs to be replaced..and yes, I would ask for a toilet), a Samsung Blu-Ray player (it streams Netflix and Pandora), and an amazing new suit.

4. I think that thanks to Kristen, my house is pretty festive right now.  My Christmas decorations consist of a few strands of lights, a wreath for the door, and a Christmas tree stand.  She has a lot more and has brought some over to help make my home look a little less Grinchy.  Kinda seems like Christmas around here now.

5. I think you really ought to take some time this holiday season and just try and enjoy it.  I know that all of the events and things can stack up, but just try and relax a little while spending some time with your close friends and family.  And think about why it is that we are celebrating, namely that God loved us enough to send His son into the world.  Pretty cool.

Merry Christmas to all and to all a good…er…day.  Thanks for reading and have a great week.

Love and Sweatpants.


3 thoughts on “The Week That Was

  1. Just so you know, Sam, a new iMac is definitely on my list, since my 10-year-old G4 is just too slow these days. It’s still alive and well, but it’s old and decrepit, so it’s time for a new one. The thing is, if you ask for the iMac, or even contributions to an iMac fund, you may just get it 😉 I’m just saying…

  2. k says:

    ding, fries are done! And really…you didn’t like license to wed? cause that’s not what you said last night 😉

  3. I liked the movie fine. But I found myself cringing the whole time, ala Meet The Parents, where everything that could go wrong did…but it was enjoyable and funny.

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