Engaged (To Be Married…)

As the title suggests, I did in fact propose to Kristen this weekend.  I realize this is a pretty impersonal forum for sharing this wonderful news with you, but realistically, sitting down and sharing the story over a meal 60 or 70 times won’t really work, so this has to be it.  Sorry.  But it’s a good story, so here we go…Oh, and for those here for The Week That Was, hopefully I’ll get it up here tomorrow.

I had decided that I wanted to propose in a surprising way, but one that was both memorable and romantic without being overly theatrical (I set a pretty rough standard for myself there…).  So a few weeks ago I came up with a great plan that actually ended up working out to a T.

I spent the morning cleaning my house and trying not to be nervous.  The plan was that we would go get a Christmas tree and then come back to my place and decorate it.  We set off to get some more lights for the tree and the tree itself and also to eat some lunch.  We were successful on all three counts.  We had a great time going to cut our own tree at a local tree farm, complete with feuding families (Helpful hint: don’t lose the saw with which you will cut down the tree.  Dad will get very mad and yell at everyone in a loud voice that carries over the farm), budding photographers, and confused children.  It was everything you could have wanted and more.

After selecting a tree and cutting it down (we apologized to it and its’ friends a few times before we took its’ life), we loaded up and headed back to the house.  After muscling it inside and making sure everything was straight, we set to decorating.  After we got all of the lights and ornaments on (I have 8…), I told her that I thought that I had one more than I saw there and that I was going to run upstairs to try and find it (A brilliant ruse if I do say so myself).

I went upstairs and grabbed the ring and also some custom M & M’s that I had made that said “Kristen will you” and “Marry me?” on the non-M sides (as pictured above…).  I came back down the stairs to where Kristen was sitting on the couch and handed her the bag of M & M’s.  As she looked at them and tried to figure out what they said, I got down on my knee and opened the ring box and then she looked over at me and realized that I was serious and that it was really happening. And I asked if she would marry me and she said yes, that she would.  It was an incredible moment and one that I know that I will never forget.  We spent the rest of the evening calling and texting people and fielding congratulations from everyone.

So that is the whole story and from here on out, everytime we decorate a tree together, we get to think about this special day.


8 thoughts on “Engaged (To Be Married…)

  1. Heidi and Tyler says:

    Uncle Sam,

    Tyler says, “the m&m’s were a very good idea, but I have a question – did she eat them? or does she want to save them? I’m glad I’m gonna get a new Aunt. You’re still the funny Uncle Sam I know best!”

    Sam, Yes, we are all very excited for you over here in the other part of the world. Can’t wait the meet Kristen in person. She’s got to be a special person to marry you!! Love ya, Heidi

  2. Katrina says:

    LOVE the story! So happy for you both; Congrats! I miss you. When are y’all going to come over and have dinner with Chris and I so we can serve you a nice meal and properly congratulate you? When is the big day?

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