Things I’m Thankful For

I realize that it is pretty cliche and a little cheesy, but bear with me here.  It is Thanksgiving and I am truly thankful for a few things.

1. Self-restraint – Working in retail while grinding out grad school has left me with frazzled nerves and little time for annoying/ignorant customers.  So I’d like to thank my own self-restraint for keeping me employed and out of jail.

2. Sense of Style – Each day I see people that have either no mirrors in their houses or friends good enough to tell them when they look ridiculous.  Thankfully, I have both, along with a keen sense of style that keeps me from looking like a moron who got dressed in the dark with someone else’s wardrobe.

3. Cell-Phone Etiquette – It is in increasingly diminishing supply, but there are still a few people who go to private places to talk on their cell phones and are not consumed with constantly texting people.  I’m thankful for the few stalwarts and hope they multiply.

4. Candles – My house frequently smells funny, thanks to 3 guys and a dog living there.  A lot of it comes from the kitchen, where strange smelling things are cooked and reheated and thrown away.  So I’m glad I have candles to mask and eliminate the odors.

5. Self-Censoring People – I seem to have been around a lot of people recently that have shared way too much information with me, or have just talked too loudly about their recent surgery/childbirth/growth removal/rash.  No thanks, I’d rather keep my lunch down.  So I’m thankful for all you people out there who are keeping private things private and recognizing that some stories aren’t meant to be shared.

6. Computers – Having lost one already this past fall, I’m keenly aware of the need for a good one. But what really makes me thankful for computers are all of the papers that I write for school.  If I had to write them all on a typewriter there is no way that I would have done it.  So thanks Steve Jobs and Bill Gates for making it happen.

And yes, I am also thankful for all of the usual stuff like friends, family, food, shelter, water, music, movies, pets, church, and the like.  So I figured I’d think of a few more non-traditional things I am thankful for and share those.

What are you thankful for?


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