Too Busy To Post

Last week ended up being a killer, even though it did not look like it up front.  This week ends with a Hebrew test on Friday, so you know that means that this week is shot.  Couple that with some huge papers I need to be working on and the regular reading assignments and my work schedule and that all makes for a tired, stressed out, unhappy grad student.  So if you think of it, throw some prayers, happy thoughts, vegetable sacrifices, or whatever else you did for the last Hebrew test my way.  It worked and hopefully it will work again Friday.

But before I leave you, I must share the best customer story I’ve had in ages.  I was working the front counter and made the mistake of answering the phone when it rang (I usually just let it ring because of situations like the one that follows here).  The woman that I spoke to began the conversation by telling me that she hated to complain and did not want to complain, BUT…which when translated means, “I’m going to waste the next five minutes of your life, time which would have been better spent light things on fire or playing in traffic, complaining to you.”  She then told me that she had ordered a grande drink and had it split into two tall cups because it is just too expensive to get two talls.  After all, she and her husband are on a budget.  The drinks felt a little light so when she got home, she weighed them to see how much they had in them.  They each, with cup and sleeve, weighed 7 ounces.  That makes 14 ounces and she knows that a grande holds 16 ounces, so she wanted to know what happened to the other 2 ounces.

At this point I’m thinking a myriad of things, not the least of which was if money is so tight, why do you have a scale that weighs ounces?  And also at the forefront of my mind was “Why me?”  But I plowed ahead, explaining that drinks have foam on top, which mean that they are full but do not weigh a lot, and OH YEAH, WE MEASURE DRINKS BY VOLUME OUNCES, NOT WEIGHT OUNCES!  Needless to say, she did not get it.  In the least.  I guess she skipped that day in 9th grade science.  Her summation?  “Maybe we should just oder two talls next time.”   Yeah, that’d be a great idea.

I’m tired of working retail.  Can you tell?

Anyway, it was too ridiculous not to share.  Hope that you are enjoying fall wherever it finds you and hopefully I’ll get chance to post more next week.

Love and sweatpants.


One thought on “Too Busy To Post

  1. Amanda bishop says:

    I’ve made their drinks before, they order a grande split in two cups, and I used short cups b/c short = 8oz and grande = 16oz, they had the nerve to say, they usually put it in talls and i just looked at them and walked away, they drove off

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