The Week That Was

TWTW3I always find it amazing that people actually read what I write.  I started blogging about 5 years ago on Myspace simply because I could.  It was meandering and uninspired, but it worked and it got me here.  And now, on a week with just one post, I had 60 views.  Astounding to me.  Anyway, just was thinking about that and thought I would throw that out there.  On to what you are here for.

Music That I Am Listening To and Enjoying – Very sad news here…my iMac is not starting up (more on that later) but it has all my music on it.  I have about 100 songs on my PowerBook so I’ve been getting a steady diet of Augustana, Coldplay, Copeland, Counting Crows, Death Cab for Cutie, My Morning Jacket, Radiohead, and Zach Williams.  And that is it.  I think of it as kind of a musical fast of sorts.

Customer Service Moment of the Week – One of my biggest pet peeves walk in the door last week…the customer that thinks that they know better than me and want to argue all about things with me.  This time the argument was over the size of a Vivanno smoothie.  They come in one size, Grande.  This moronic lady thought that size was a tall and argued with me about it.  The argument ended with me pulling out a tall, grande, and a Vivanno cup and holding them all next to each other while explaining how many ounces each hold (tall = 12, grande/Vivanno = 16).  Game, Set, Match to Sam.  We may work in a coffee shop, but trust me, we actually know what we are talking about and if you want to argue something, make sure you are right.  Or be prepared to look like a moron in front of everyone else.  I have a lot of patience for people that don’t know what they are doing, but when you tell me I’m wrong I’ll bust you every time.  Do you argue with the people at the grocery store about how much milk is in a half-gallon?

Sports Moment of the Week – Cal got blown out again.  I’m  trying not to be too pessimistic, but I’m thinking we are headed to a 6-6 season.  Not too good.  But the 49ers shut out the Rams, which was nice.  The Dodgers finally clinched the West and the A’s mercifully ended their season.  Baseball playoffs start this week and I love it!  One of my favorite times of the year, as NHL season has started, baseball playoffs are going, and football has gotten into the heart of the season.  Good times all around…well, unless your team sucks.  Then it is still fun, just not quite as much.

Books and Movies of the Week – I read another Grisham book, The Associate, this week.  IT was great and really had me going, but then the end just kinda fizzled out.  It almost seemed like he did not know how to end it and just sorta wrapped everything up too fast.  But it was a good read nonetheless.  No movies this week as I was busy studying and doing other things all week.

Video of the Week – I have no idea how or why this works, but play along and be amazed.

5 Things I Think I Think

1. I think that I am going to eventually have to break down and take my iMac into the Mac Geniuses to get it fixed.  It refuses to start up, which is a small problem.  If anyone out there has any brilliant insight or tech knowledge that can help me out cheaply, I’m all ears.

2. I think that the rain is back with a vengeance, only it is cold this time.  That’s just mean.  I am a huge fan of the cooler weather though.  I just like it dry…

3. I think that I actually might have done fairly well on a Hebrew exam.  I know, shocking, but with the help of some classmates and a lot of study time and not a lot of sleep I was pretty prepared for the exam.  And I think it went fairly well.  I’ll let you know (unless it did not…then I’ll say nothing and you can infer that I am a Hebrew moron from my silence…).

4. I think this looks absolutely fantastic… I’m not one for animated films (sorry, I just don’t like them…) but I’ll definitely be making an exception for this one.  Wes Anderson is brilliant and it looks like he managed to make a film that has all of his usual whimsy with animated characters.  I love the creativity there! 

5. I think that I’m all out of things that I think.  Maybe I’ll do better next week.

Thanks for reading and have a great week.

Love and Sweatpants.


3 thoughts on “The Week That Was

  1. Darlene says:

    I saw a preview for The Fantastic Mr. Fox on Friday. Looks like a pretty good movie. I wish some of the cold would come to Florida.

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