Hurricane Memory

hurricaneThis post comes courtesy of an email I wrote roughly 5 years ago when in the midst of hurricane season.  Crazy thing is, this was not even the nuttiest thing that happened to me while I lived in the Hotbox (but this is the incident that spawned the name…).

I am taking this moment to write to you from the Sunshine State, whose new motto seems to be “Florida, The Hurricane Magnet State”. As you can see, I have lived through these latest adventures with my sense of humor still intact, and I am now watching Ivan roar through the Caribbean with an almost detached sense of amazement at the fact that he makes 3 in like a month.

Granted they have hit different areas for the most part, but everyone feels the effects and it has certainly been an interesting month to live in South Florida. But God is continually good and His power is certainly on display all around, as evidenced by the broken trees and absolutely destroyed everything else. It is surreal driving around seeing nothing above 20 ft unscathed, and then realizing that it is so sunny because none of the trees have any leaves. Quite interesting to say the least.

But, lest you think that I am a full-fledged Frances survivor, I must confess that I rode out the storm in the safety of North Carolina. As soon as activities at PBA were cancelled I boarded up my house, loaded down the
car, picked up a few passengers, and hit the road. In the interest of full disclosure I must admit that I had quite the wonderful week long vacation enjoying the company of friends, full power, and other amenities that many here in South FL were doing without. But, again, lest you think of me as the most fortunate survivor, let me relate this story from yesterday.

After a workday at PBA I was taking some time to clear my own lawn when I noticed my neighbor trimming branches from his lofty tree and just letting them fall and land where they may. It seemed a bit reckless to me, but I thought that whatever happened, it would probably not affect me. Wrong idea, I now know. Long story short, he dropped one on then main feed from the transformer to his house, showered sparks and smoke on his roof, blew the transformer, set his deck on fire, shorted out my line, and caused us both to have our lines cut with the promise of electricity in the future when the teams get around to it. So, after one night back in my perfectly fine, undamaged, powered, direcTv’ed, DSL’ed, phoned house, I have nothing. I have been staying at my parents house 45 min away and am facing the prospect of probably weeks without power. That may be worse case, but I guess I should be prepared for the worst. So if I am difficult to get a hold of, that is why.

(There ends my email, but I’ll add this postscript…).  It did end up being 2 and 1/2 weeks before our power was restored.  My roommates and I moved into an apartment on campus and were finally able to return home after a long and frustrating vacation.  We experienced one more storm that year but survived that one without incident.  It was definitely a memorable fall though…


One thought on “Hurricane Memory

  1. joshunderwood says:

    wow, losing power because of a hurricane is one thing, but losing it for that long because of the carelessness of a neighbor is infuriating. Hope you kept your spirits up and I’m sure God taught you something about patience and forgiveness!

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