The Kitchen…err…Week That Was

TWTW3It’s been a crazy couple of weeks.  The final push on the kitchen has finally ended and it look fantastic.  There are some pictures below for you…(I can’t say I blame you if you skip down to see them, but come back and read the rest).  I’ve also been working both jobs and doing other things, so as of yet, I have not gotten to cook a real meal in the kitchen.  And, since I am leaving for California tomorrow morning, it will be at least a week and a half before I do.  But the coffee I make in the new kitchen tastes great!  Anyway, onto the features.

Music That I Am Listening To and Enjoying – Wilco (both the new album and their set from Bonnaroo, given to me by Kristen’s friend Kim) and U2 have figured prominently into the rotation, as has Built to Spill, Pinback, and the new Death Cab for Cutie EP, The Open Door.  Noah and the Whale has also gotten some heavy play.

Customer Service Moment of the Week – A couple to share here.  A few nights ago a lady came through the drive-thru and got a decaf white mocha.  I made her drink and sent her on her way and continued cleaning the store in anticipation of closing.  About a minute later she returned (but I could not see the camera and did not know it was her) and when I asked what I could get started for her, she replied “Well you can start by remaking my drink!  This one is burnt.”  Like I’ve always said, sometimes we’ll mess up and get a  drink wrong. But being rude about it is not the way to get a better drink.  That only gets you a regular drink instead of a decaf one.  So you can think about how rude you were while you lie awake all night.  The other two just involve miscommunications.  My buddy P. Adam had a Hispanic gentleman come in and ask if he could use pesos to buy a drink.  Or at least that is what P. Adam heard.  In reality, he asked for a double espresso and was quite insulted at the peso remark.  Woops.  And I yesterday thought that a woman was trying to order a half cup of coffee when really she wanted a house cup of coffee.  We are a sharp bunch.

Sports Moment of the Week – I have not caught much in the way of sports here recently, but Alberto Contador won the Tour de France and Rickey Henderson (and Jim Rice), my favorite player of all-time, was inducted to the Hall of Fame.  Kristen and I are going to an A’s game next Saturday, which happens to coincide with Rickey Henderson day.  Yes, I am very excited about this.

Books and Movies of the Week – I managed to see The Great Debaters one night after kitchen work before falling asleep and I loved it.  Really, really outstanding performances by all involved.  No books in a while, but that will change with vacation this week.  I’ll have a full report in my  next post.

Video of the Week – I’m skipping this in favor of kitchen pictures, since I know that is what you came for anyway…So these are in the style of before and afters.  Hopefully this will give you an idea of what all we did and what took so long…better and more professional pictures are forthcoming in a few weeks.

5 Things I Think I Think

1. I think that I am totally indebted to many people.  First and foremost is my beautiful and patient and organized and amazing girlfriend Kristen.  She put up with my fickleness and disorganization throughout all of this project, while still managing to live her own life and work her own incredibly busy job.  I’ll never be able to make it up to her.  My parents were amazing as well.  They gave me 8 straight days of working while they were here, before, after, in and around Beeson’s Pastor’s School.  Not a chance we could have gotten it done without them.  My sister Crystal and my brother-in-law Brian provided manual labor and tools for installing the tile, but also provided much needed moral support and logistical help in discarding an old fridge.  They played a bigger role than they’ll ever realize.  Kristen’s sister Kelly and her husband Casey were amazing as well, helping out as needed and always offering encouragement and support.  My friend Breland was generous with the use of his truck and bulging muscles multiple times and was always good for calming me down and making me laugh.  Invaluable.  My roommate Jacob never failed to notice the progress we made, no matter how small or insignificant it was and always was ready with a helping hand where needed.  He also lived in the disarray with me and never once complained that our home looked more like a construction site than a house.  John and Judy offered moral support through the drive-thru and a wet-saw and tile expertise.  Unreal.  And to everyone else along the way, friends and family alike, that offered encouragement when I was down, strength when I was tired, smiles when I was weary, listening ears when I bored with tales of woes and triumphs, and everything in between, THANK YOU!  No way we could have made it without you.

2. I think that you should check out Kristen’s perspective on how this all went down at  She is blogging the project for work and is a much better writer than I am.  And funnier too…

3. I think I am excited to head to Northern California for the first time in 7 years.  Kristen and I are going to spend some time there visiting my family and doing some touristy stuff around the Bay Area.  I grew up there (from age 6 to age 12) and I am excited to get to see my homeland and my extended family.  Should be a lot of fun and a good, relaxing time for both of us.  Very, very needed.

4. I think that the summer is going really, really fast.  I’m sure using all my spare time to redo the kitchen has something to do with it, but I cannot believe that this week will be August already.  School is just around the corner and while I’m ready to go back in some respects, I’m also not ready in a lot of ways…give me a few weeks.

5. I think that one of the most frustrating experiences in recent memory was trying to find a place that would drain the freon from my old fridge so I could take it to the dump.  15 fruitless calls left me frustrated and irritable and only an assist from my brother-in-law ended up saving the day, where we found a place that would take the whole thing.  Why make a law that says you have to do something when you cannot find a place to do that one specific thing?  Ridiculous.

Thanks for reading for the first time in a while and I’ll be back in about a week and a half with vacation tales and a functioning brain.  At least I hope so.

Love and Sweatpants.


2 thoughts on “The Kitchen…err…Week That Was

  1. k says:

    i love your dedication. it’s mostly true: i’m not that patient though. thanks for thinking that. glad you updated. one more day!

  2. Heidi says:

    looks absolutely amazing. great job guys – can’t wait to see it in person. One more year! love ya, your biggest sis!!

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