The Week That Was

TWTW3And here is logo #3 for The Week That Was.  Let me know if you are partial to a particular one and I’ll note your preference.

Music That I Am Listening To and Enjoying – You knew Wilco would head the list.  Their new album comes out tomorrow and it is currently streaming on and it is fantastic.  I’ll do a fuller review later this week, time permitting.  But I’ve also been listening to Son Volt, Pete Yorn, Wheat, and Sunny Day Real Estate (who announced a reunion tour…awesome!).

Customer Service Moment of the Week – In lieu of me providing customer service this week, I’ll share one where I was the customer.  We were out to eat for Kristen’s birthday dinner and our waiter shared all of the following: He was in a mid-life crisis, was divorced, retained custody of his daughter, was in law school due to a career shift, wanted to be a politician, and did not have a great relationship with his ex-wife.  And that was all unsolicited information…a little more than I expected.

Sports Moment of the Week – Federer, Murray, and Roddick are all still rolling at Wimbledon, but U.S. Soccer easily garners the top spot here.  After advancing in the Confederations Cup (A World Cup tune-up for next year), they defeated Spain, the number one team in the world, who was riding a 35 game unbeaten streak.  The U.S. then took a 2 goal lead into halftime of the final before giving up 3 goals to Brazil.  But if the boys keep playing this way, the future is bright for U.S. Soccer at next summer’s World Cup.

Books and Movies of the Week – Nothing new to report here.  But I am headed on vacation this week, so I’ll definitely have some book news, and I might even catch a movie too.

Video of the Week – In memory of Michael Jackson, I give you one of the funniest scenes ever in any movie, along with one of the greatest songs ever.

Bonus Video of the Week – Michael Llodra has no brakes.  With disastrous results.

5 Things I Think I Think

1. I think that last week I thought getting sick was a terrible idea.  It still is, but the visit to the E.R. this week was a worse idea.  I’d like for the the slope to head upwards this week, thank you very much.

2. I think that I am ready for a week off and out of town.  Kristen and I are heading to Florida tomorrow to do the parent tour.  We’ll spend a few days with both sets and then head home.   I’m hoping for relaxing, fun, interesting, and uneventful.  I’ll tell you all about it next week in this here spot…

3. I think that the kitchen project is rolling and it is both more work and more overwhelming than I thought…Kristen has totally been a trooper, picking up my slack and providing much needed organization and motivation to the cause.  Most of the demolition (including my head) and removal is done now and some painting has been started.  Walls are starting today and then things really start rolling.  I’ll try and post some pics next week.

4. I think that there is nothing better for cooling off on a hot summer day than Pop-Ice.  You know, those radioactive looking clear plastic tubes of liquid that you freeze and then cut the top off and slurp down like you are 8?  I love those.  And I’ve been eating them 3 at a time all summer.  Perfect for a sugar rush while cooling off.  Good clean fun for the whole family!

5. I think that it was a bad week to be a celebrity.  Ed McMahon, Farrah Fawcett, Michael Jackson, and Billy Mays all passed away.  Incredibly sad for all of their families and reminder for all of us that we live in a broken world that has no answer for death and dying.  We can try to postpone it as long as we can, but really, only Jesus has come back form the grave and only He offers eternal life.

Thanks for reading this week and I’ll be back next week, hopefully relaxed and tan.

Love and Sweatpants.


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