The Samwich

Yes, it is large.  No, that's not my Diet Coke.

Yes, it is large. No, that's not my Diet Coke.

I’ve always had a love/hate relationship with sandwiches.  I think that it comes from always taking my lunch to school as a kid (I was one of those…), of which the the sandwich was the principle part.  And while the other items in the lunch get the glory (the tiny bag of chips, Little Debbie dessert, or cardboard drink box that would not satisfy anyone’s thirst), the sandwich is the anchor.  Ham, Turkey, Bologna, PB & J- They all provide the nourishment to continue the rest of the day.  But after a while, one tires of sandwiches.  Or in my case, not as much the eating of them as the making of them.  Thankfully I had the world’s most patient father who started making me a sandwich along with his own each day.  And that’s how I made it through high school and the noon meal.

But once post-college and the working world rolled around, I soon found that it was economically advantageous to take a sandwich to work to eat instead of buying something.  And usually, it tasted better as well.  But that became boring and since I was making money, I ate out.  But no more…In grad school life pennies are pinched and so I offer the follow to you as my solution to the sandwich blues.  Kristen, my much more talented girlfriend, reintroduced me to the sandwich as a viable food option and I have spent the last few months crafting the perfect sandwich which I like to call “The Samwich”.  Feel free to copy as you see fit, adding or subtracting ingredients to make it your own.

All the ingredients are assembled

All the ingredients are assembled


– Bread – I like to use a soft sourdough that I pick up in the Publix bakery.  You can use what you want, but don’t skimp here.  This is the base and it is an vitally important piece.

– Meat – I favor smoked turkey but ham, chicken, or any other type of snawich meat can be used.  I would recommend deli-thin sliced however.  It provides the right amount without being too think.  Or, if you are so inclined, you can skip the meat and go veggie.

– Cheese – There are a myriad of options here, and really it is left to personal choice.  I go with sharp cheddar or Pepper Jack (when I’m feeling spicy) but really you can use what you want.

The halves are ready to be joined

The halves are ready to be joined

– Condiments – I am a bit of a minimalist in this category.  I go with mustard only, then add salt, pepper, and oregano on the tomato.  I’m sure you could add mayonnaise or spicy mustard or a dressing of your choice and season to taste.  That’s the beauty of this sandwich.  It takes it all.

– Veggies – I use just pickles and tomatoes.  Lettuce could be a welcome addition, as would avocado, cucumber, or any other vegetable that you desired, but as you’ll see, the sandwich gets big quick and you’ll need to pick and choose what you want otherwise it will be too unwieldy to eat.

So I assemble it all, slap it together and then place it in a baggie for transport to work (Sidenote: Regular baggies are too small so you should definitely get some larger freezer sized bags to use.   Otherwise you end up with a smushed mess which is no fun at all).

The completed, toasted delight ready to be consumed.

The completed, toasted delight ready to be consumed.

The final step comes courtesy of the oven we have at my Starbucks.  Certainly the sandwich is ready to be consumed as is, but I’ve found that toasting the whole thing makes it just a little more enjoyable.  Should you not have access to a high speed toasting oven you can use a smaller toaster oven or toast the bread and then microwave the stuff on top of it.  Either way, it works well.  Or you can just eat as is.

So there it is, The Samwich.  But be prepared, if you bring something this delightful to work your coworkers will all want one and everyone will be amazed that you made it yourself.  Feel free to direct them here for their own tutorial on how to save money and increase taste while they are at it.  I think it is worth it.  And if Subway is reading, I’m will to sell the rights for the right price…


6 thoughts on “The Samwich

  1. Liz says:


    I think you should add new recipes to your blog as part of your routine. We’ve seen some of your tricks like the Easter Ham or branded steak (these were yours, right?) Anyway, we want more : )

    I think you should do it a la Pioneer Woman style

    … don’t say do it… it’s not polite.

  2. I’ve done Thanksgiving Turkey, Christmas Turkey Roast, and I helped with the Easter Ham, but that was mainly Kristen. I’ve actually thought about doing a regular recipe feature here, since I’ve got about 5 really good go-to original recipes that are really easy to do. Maybe TheSingleGuyCooks ?

  3. cb says:

    not so fair…i didn’t get the privilege of the paitent father sandwiches. i only got the grumpy sister hitting me up for gas money. where did i go wrong?

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