The Kitchen is Officially Underway.

I’ve decided to chronicle my kitchen remodel project here so that those that are not close yet are involved can see and also so that you the reader can share in the joys and frustrations that come with remodeling a kitchen on a shoestring budget…

So anyway, I struck the first blow against the tyranny of 1970’s kitchens by taking out the non-functional and obsolete trash compactor.  It was actually a little harder than I thought and ended up taking me 30 minutes mainly because it was so wedged in there.  But I got it out and we are now underway.  The sky is the limit!  So far the score is Sam 1, Ugly Kitchen 0.

Feast your eyes on the visual proof below…

Uglier out than it was in.

Uglier out than it was in.

Rough estimate of the weight - 937 pounds.  Not official.

Rough estimate of the weight - 937 pounds. Not official.


10 thoughts on “The Kitchen is Officially Underway.

  1. k says:

    that is disgusting. i am glad that i had to work today and could not help you get that out! it makes me shudder just to think about how germ-y it is…i think i’m going to be feeling that way a lot in the near future. but yay for getting started!

  2. Brian says:

    I removed one of those from our kitchen and I agree with your estimate of 937 pounds. They are deceptively heavy. Curious – where did you dump that thing. Feel free to answer esle where if your Green rating would be violated by posting here.

  3. Brian says:

    I have suggestions for wallpaper removal if you are interested. Buy a wall paper scoring device. It basically punches little holes in the paper. Don’t press too hard to avoid piercing the dry wall. Apply a solution of liquid fabric softner and warm water. Allow it to penetrate. Start pulling and scraping. Be ware, there may be an easy “paper” layer that comes off first, and a much more stubborn “backing” layer that requires more and more solution and scraping.

  4. K – Notice the gloves resting on top of the germ-y machine. I am safe…

    B – It has not yet made it out of the kitchen since I am waiting for my roommate to get up and help me. I’m thinking of putting on the curb by the trash cans at the entrance to my community to see what happens…under the cover of darkness of course. And I’d read that about the wallpaper removal, but was not sure how it would work. I’ll definitely get one now though.

  5. cb says:

    i’m laughing at both of your estimates of 937 lbs… however, brian never made me carry the one we had, so i can’t submit my own estimate. kudos to you sam, for getting it out w/o damaging the ugly countertop!

  6. mom says:

    excellent start! Keep the gloves on–it probably weighs that much because of the trash that’s still in it–your dad would put it on the curb with a ‘free’ sign on it and it would disappear.

  7. dad says:

    Do not be discouraged by wallpaper! The difficulty of wp removal is exceeded only (but not substantially) by the weight of the TC. I agree totally with the “under cover of darkness” strategy for disposal of said appliance. In the nether world of remodel subterfuge is a handy and well-worn tool. Also, even though I am immune to kitchen fauna, in this instance I would probably use the gloves too.

  8. Yes, there are a ton of before pictures of every conceivable angle. Kristen was in charge of that and was very thorough. Mine would have been two pictures…

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