Wii Tennis is the Best

Guaranteed to make your arm ache for days

Guaranteed to make your arm ache for days

I imagine that if you are reading this, you’ve probably discovered the joy of playing the Ninetndo Wii at some point in the recent past.  It’s fairly popular with the kids these days.  But on the off chance you have not, do yourself a favor and check it out.  But don’t just take my word for it, take my aching arm’s word…seriously, my buddy James and I played for a good 2 hours tonight and while we did not top the three hour session from a few months ago, it was indeed epic.

We played so long because I have dedicated countless hours on my incredibly wonderful and paitient girlfriend’s Wii while she read magazines or books or completely ignored me and the loud cheers and groans I produced while playing.  My dedication has paid off and James and I now match each other shot for shot, volley for volley, serve for serve, and sweat equity for sweat equity.  Seriously, we sweat.  A lot.  It could be that each match we play goes 5 sets and usually to deuce in most games.  It could be that we jump and lunge and lean like we are actually playing tennis.  Or it could be the pressue we create for ourselves in forcing each other to play a perfect game with no mistakes.  Seriously, we both attempt foolish shots because we know that ordinary shots will not cut it.  We take each other to another wiisportssidelevel.  And I’ve gotta say, James still has my number…but I’m gaining on him and we are almost even now.  But he is better than the computer (I know since I’ve played my way up to a 2,000 pro score.  That’s real high and took forever.  Have I mentioned my girlfriend is the best?) and we have epic fun together playing.

So if anyone offers you the chance to get some exercise playing some Wii Tennis, be sure and take them up on the offer.  The other games are good too, but for my money, swinging around a white piece of plastic at some computer generated graphics on a television screen are about as good as it gets.  Other than real sports of course…

Oh, and should you happen to be around the Birmingham area in July make plans to stop by the Berrywood Bachelor Bungalo for a Wii Tennis Tournament.  We’ve got a name and a logo and a plan and everything.  It’ll be ridiculous.  More on that much later.  For now just concentrate on practicing since no one wants to go out in the first round.  That’s just embarassing.


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