The Week That Was

So I was a pretty active little blogger last week.  Check out some of my posts if you get a chance and pass them along to some friends if you are so inclined.
Music That I Am Listening to and Enjoying – Because of the rainy morning that I woke up to yesterday I listened through all of Joe Purdy’s catalog that I own.  Great rainy day music.  I’ve also been listening to the new Zach Williams song that he released via a blog on Friday.  Seriously, I know I sound like a broken record but just check out Zach.  He is a fantastic musician, puts on a phenomenal live show, and is an even better person.  What more could you ask for?  Also, at Starbucks we have a Talking Heads Greatest Hits CD and we’ve been wearing it out.
Customer Service Moment of the Week: A good one and a bad one.  Good: A regular customer of mine came in the Saturday before Mother’s Day and bought his wife a gift card and (on my recommendation) a CD.  They came through the drive-thru on Saturday and the husband handed me the exact gift card with which to pay for their beverages.  I asked if it was the same and they both started laughing as he sheepishly admitted it was.  I then asked if he stole her CD too, but he assured me he did not and that she really did like it.  Good times for all and a brief moment of levity in an otherwise hectic day.  Bad: An older woman and her daughter came in on Thursday night.  The woman started our encounter by disparging the selction of pastries in our case and then asked for decaf coffee.  I told her I did not have any but that I would brew some and that it would take 5 minutes or so.  She was not happy about this and even snapped at her daughter who suggested an alternative.  She then told me that she had made a “special trip up here for some decaf!”  I almost told her she should have called ahead, but instead just repeated my offer to brew some for her.  After giving me multiple dirty looks, she agreed and so I got the daughter’s regular coffee (which was ready) and started the decaf and then came back to the counter to take their money.  After paying, she then told me that most of the time when you wait for coffee they do not charge you (this is true, however, it is up to the discrestion of the barista and if you are going to be a pain in the rear customer from the get go, I’m going to charge you every time…).  I looked her dead in the eye and said “Ok”.  She then said “But you charged me”.  Again, dead in the eye.  “Yes”.  She then retorted with “But you knew that already” Third time is the charm.  “Yep”, with a smile to boot.  She asked how to get her coffee when it was done but then walked away mumbling that she’d come back without giving me a change to respond.  5 minutes later she returned to the counter demanding to know if HER COFFEE WAS READY YET?  I checked the brewer and told her that there was 8 seconds remaining until it was done.  She then proceeded to countdown out loud from 8 until 0 while I waited for the coffee to finish.  ARE YOU KIDDING ME?  I almost dropped it on purpose to make her wait longer…will people ever realize that kindness really does go a long way?

Sports Moment of the Week: The Dodgers won on a walk-off walk last night (a game my parents were at) and the A’s continued to play streaky baseball (But have now won two in a row).  But anything less than LeBron on Friday night is remiss.  To be down 2, to catch the ball do far away and then to drain the three going against your body is ridiculous. Just watch:

Books and Movies of the Week: I reread the other Mario Puzo book I have, The Last Don.  Not as good as the Godfather (what is?), but it is a great mafia story filled with intrigue, betrayal and suspense.  Definitely made for some good poolside reading.  I also saw Gran Torino which was a fantastic movie which I highly recommend.  The language can be a little rough, but it is a great story that really makes you think.  And laugh.  And maybe cry too.  Clint Eastwood was fantastic and the supporting cast excellent as well.
Video of the Week: Everyone was Ok so we can laugh, but can you imagine being in this helicopter?
5 Things That I Think I Think –1. I think that there might be nothing better than relaxing by the pool and reading on a hot summer day after the stress of the semester.  Seriously, just what I needed.

2. I think I laughed harder at the improv show I went to on Friday night than I have in a long time.  Seriously, I was dying and my sides hurt.  Hilarious.

3. I think my gold game showed little rust after a 3 year layoff.  I picked up right where I left off.  Which is to say I am still pretty terrible and have the world’s worst slice.  But that is ok since I had a good time and did not kill anyone.  Always a bonus for me.

4. I think I’m glad the rain stopped for a while yesterday.  Kristen and I got some plants and will hopefulyl finish up today.  I’ll take some pictures so you can view our handiwork in my front yard mailbox area.

5. I think I’m anxious to start the kitchen project.  Not sure what kind of work the first step is going to take (removing the old, broken trash compactor) but hopefully it sets the tone for the rest of the project by not being too difficult.

Thanks for reading and keep checking back as I work on writing more stories and hopefully entertaining you.

Love and Sweatpants.


2 thoughts on “The Week That Was

  1. cb says:

    that made me laugh out loud…the countdown lady was my favorite. it’s like the moms that tell me they count their child’s diapers after they leave the nursery to make sure they’ve been changed. GET A LIFE!! we love and miss you. cb

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