The Week That Was

I’ve been implored to return to my weekly blogging of the week that was.  And since I always try to please my fans (both of them), I’ll do my part.

Music That I Am Listening to and Enjoying – Two new albums released by two of my favorite bands this week.   Coldplay gave away a free live album that I am pretty sure most of you have already gotten, but if not, check it out here.  Also, Wilco started streaming their new album and I’d conservatively guess I’ve listened to it 20 times through already…seriously.  Check out that fantastic effort here.  Other lesser known bands I’ve been enjoying this week include Airborne Toxic Event, K-OS, Sam Roberts Band, and Seabird.Customer Service Moment of the Week: I worked at J.Crew on Mother’s Day and was actually appalled at the number of bootleg fathers that could not control and watch their children for at least 15 minutes while their wives shopped.  The worst example was yelling throughout the store for his wife and made her come out of the fitting room to watch her son on the bungee jump outside our store.  Seriously, it was MOTHER’S DAY!  He then announced to the whole store that they would be in the food court whenever she was ready.  What a jerk.

Sports Moment of the Week: Two hockey playoff series went to Game 7’s, one of which went to overtime.  Nothing is more exciting than that.  Basketball playoffs are also in full swing with some good games going on as well.  And baseball had a banner week with walk-off wins almost every night.  My teams are currently headed in opposite directions.  The Dodgers are playing well having adjusted to life without Manny.  The A’s meanwhile, got hammered by the Tigers this weekend and appear to be not only woefully unprepared but also lacking heart.  Not a good combination…

Books and Movies of the Week: I just finished rereading The Godfather, which is an epic tale which I am sure you know.  But as always, the book is better.  I did not catch any movies this week but I plan to try and make it to the dollar theater at some point this week to catch up on some flicks I missed this spring.  I’ll let you know…
Video of the Week: Charles Barkley drills an Alabama fan in Birmingham this weekend…Conicidence?
5 Things That I Think I Think –

1. I think that the amount of rain we’ve gotten here in Birmingham is reaching epic proportions.   Today is the first day in a long time that it has been sunny all day and hopefully that serves to dry some stuff out.  I know my yard can use some drying up…but on the other side of things, the rain yesterday made for wonderful soup and napping weather.  And the cooler temps today are pretty nice.

2. I think that I would rather be going to Southern California this week instead of staying here and working…Kristen and my parents are both there on separate errands and due to my lack of foresight and planning I did not put that together until too late.  Maybe next time.

3. I think that I did remarkably well this semester for how uninterested I was in my classes.  I took a veritable gauntlet of boring required courses and managed to come through all of them with A’s and B’s (feel free to send me gifts in honor of this achievement).  My next two semesters (which are also my final two semesters) will be drastically better and more enjoyable.

4. I think that I have a list 10 miles long of people I need to call/hang out with.  If you are on the list, I apologize for my busyness and I will start making my way down the list soon.  Expect a call or a visit or give me one if you are so inclined.

5. I think that I need to wrap this up so I can go to work.

Thanks for reading and check back later for some entertaining stories from this past semester.  I’ve got some good ones.

Love and Sweatpants.


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